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Too often, we react to other people’s posts on social media as though they represent the final conclusions, thoughts, and emotions of those posting. More often than not, they are nothing but their first reactions, first thoughts, to events that have taken place. To assume otherwise is, in most cases, a mistake.



Being held by armed men – in most cases, that would be the police or the military – is something anybody who’s never been arrested or tried for a crime can’t ever quite understand. In my case, I expect the worst, and my emotions shut down. It’s a spiritually devastating experience that nobody should ever have to endure unless he was guilty of inflicting it on...

The Lying Animal


I am generally quite aware of what I’m saying, and I work hard on maintaining what I refer to as the integrity of my internal monologue. If I do things that contradict what I say, then I tend to work out whether it’s the thought that was wrong or the behaviour, and then I try to modify one of the two to eliminate the contradiction to my satisfaction. I’ve been doing this all my...

Religious Pollution


“the Lord will reward each one for whatever good he does, whether he is slave or free”Ephesians 6:8 This, right there, is one of the biggest problems with the major Abrahamic religions and likely a common problem with most religions… The promise of a reward undermines the sympathetic foundation of any good deed, and the very thought of reward pollutes any good intent. If you...

KarmaMole The View From Here..

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