It would be blind and foolish of me to ‘trash’ any population as a whole. However, the silence that the nation fell into after the WTC Attack, their acceptance of political disasters such as the Patroit Act, and their desperate ignorance that somehow allowed the invasion of Afghanistan ( and I still clearly recall the Taliban offering to surrender Bin Laden to an international court if evidence was shown to implicate him…an offer never taken seriously by the US government…), the ludicrous murder of Daraz Khan (look him up…) and then the sedated acceptance of what is now finally being revealed (but was always clear to the rest of the world…) as the delusional link between Al Qaeda and the former Iraqi Regime – all these things – are very, very, very difficult to excuse.

There is a guilt implicit not only in actively doing something, but in allowing things to be done in your name, using your tax dollars. American made Caterpillers are destroying Palestinian homes, daily. American built Apache helicopters are regularly targeting Palestinian homes, and finally – the US once more vetos a resolution regarding Israel – implicitly ‘allowing’ Israel to plot the assasination of Yasser Arafat – a man I hold in no high-esteem whatsoever – but still – a leader of a people. His murder being negotiated on my television screen.

I am not just disappointed in US citizens for allowing their government to do this, I am also disappointed in the rest of the world (including, above all my own government) for allowing all this. At the very least for not opposing it politicially – if not militarily. It is a shameful sequence of events – for all of us.

You may have heard of Faith Flippinger? A school teacher. American. She’s 62? 72? I forget. She went to Iraq – as a human shield – before the invasion – she was there trying to help the people – in hospitals, in schools, etc…she is a US citizen – and I feel no hate towards her whatsoever. If anything – I feel a love for her that aches me. Aches me even more when I found out just a few days ago that the US Dept. of Treasury is about to put her in jail. Why? Because, they argue – having gone to Iraq and spent some money there she had, they say, broken the economic sanctions on Iraq. She’s a school teacher – how much does anybody think she might’ve taken with her? Certainly not millions, I can imagine her travelling with maybe a couple of thousand dollars. However, they want to make an example of her. How bad an example? Faith is likely to end up (according to the news reports I’ve read…) spending 10 years in jail, and they’re taking away her pension and her home. So – for helping some children in Iraq – because she disagrees with the government – she’s likely to go to jail till she’s 72 or 82 – and come out penniless and homeless.

Sick to my stomach.