So he’s on.

At the United Nations.

I missed most of what Kofi said…

Here’s Bush making it sound like any democratic progress anywhere in the world must have been due to the influence of the United States. Painting pictures of misery worldwide, misery – we are to suppose – that will be alleviated by the actions of the United States.

And I think of Afghanistan, and Iraq – and I think of the blood of innocents, and of orphaned children.

“You have been fed conspiracy theories…” he tells us.

We must support, he said – people who offer better alternatives than blowing yourself up. I agree. Give them nukes and rpg’s and they won’t need to blow themselves up….but he goes on…

“My country desires peace”, he says. “Extremists in your midst spread propaganda”, he says…

He claims he will continue to ‘train’ those of us that ‘step forward’ to fight the ‘enemies of freedom’, and again, I think of the sheer banality of assuming that anybody could even imagine that anybody hates ‘freedom’. What is at stake is freedom. Freedom from a United Nations non-democratically dominated by the private Security Council.

Now he has the balls to address the people of Lebanon, and alienates us all by immediately calling Hezbollah’s actions ‘unprovoked’.

He’s insane.

He promises Lebanon will rise again, and makes it sound like it is the United States that will accomplish that. That it will rise due to nothing but the charity of John Smith, Idaho.

He goes on, and on. He just mentioned Nuclear Weapons.

And I think of the countless thousands the US has in stock, and I think of Hiroshima, and of Nagazaki, and I think of an angry Shiva, the light of a thousand suns, and I think of MiracleMan.

Now, he addresses Syria, claiming that it’s rulers have turned it into a tool of Iran.

He wants Syria to live at peace with its’ neighbors.

How the heart swells…

He says the UN has tried to help, and then – he says – and I tell you – check the video – he smiles as he continues “and yet you suffer”. He smiled saying this.

Just now.

He claims the issues at Darfur put the credibility of the United Nations at stake, and I think – no, it’s the damn Security Council that puts that at stake.

He re-iterates the so-called ‘two state solution’ for Palestine and the Zionists, and yet seems blissfully unaware of the racism of inherent in his next sentence which includes the phrase ‘the jewish state of…’…

And I wonder why it’s not called the Christian United States….or the United States of Chri…but let’s not drag him into this…

Olmert, Bush continues – is committed to peace, and I simply remember Lebanon’s children again, and think – yes, Olmert should indeed be committed.

You think me bitter, perhaps – but I tell you this – I am both angry and sad.

“Freedom” Bush says “by it’s very nature cannot be imposed, it must be chosen.” – and I wonder – does he understand the words he’s … using? Afghanistan? Iraq? His veiled promises to possible Syrian collaborators? To an Iranian people who find him both uneducated and ridiculous?

And now, they clap.

And clap.

Some, I see, as the camera pans out, have the decency not to.