From “Brainwashing in the United States” by Ann Pettifer, published in Counter Punch :

Primo Levi did not think the Jewish catastrophe should be used to justify “what he regarded as Israeli tribalist and aggressive actions in the name of a sacred history of unique suffering.” Laqueur, (who is also Jewish) writes that the Israeli invasion (under Ariel Sharon) of Lebanon in 1982 greatly disturbed Primo Levi, “and on the eve of a trip back to Auschwitz, Levi signed a petition, together with other Jewish intellectuals, calling for the withdrawal of Israeli troops and recognition of the rights of all peoples in the region. ‘Everyone is someone’s Jew‘ he was quoted as saying in an interview ‘and today the Palestinians are the Jews of the Israelis.'””

From Harper’s Weekly Review, October 1st, 2002, and in reference to Blair’s ‘dossier’ :

“Professor Richard Dawkins, the Oxford biologist, said in response to the report that the British “have every right to feel degraded and humiliated at our government’s cringing subservience to the illiterate, uncouth, unelected cowboy in the White House.””

From the BBC’s Talking Point :

“It’s easy to say, “Go on, bring Saddam down” because the missiles will not be landing on our homes. While we sit on the comfort of our sofas and marvel on the “great” job Bush is doing, the Iraqi people will have to relive the nightmare of ten years ago.” by Boks, Hong Kong.

‘Nuff said.