I am sick of Grant Morrison.

My exposure to comics has lessened over the years. I’ve been living in Egypt, so unless I download the occasional scan or buy the trade paperbacks from Amazon, I don’t get to read as much as I used to. Still, when I travel, I spend ridiculous sums of money on buying comics and catching up.

Lately, I ‘caught’ up again, after traveling and spending far too much at a particular comics shop in Austria.

First of all, I was SHOCKED by the ridiculous amount of titles written by Grant Morrison. I just didn’t get it. It was as though DC had given Morrison a monopoly on it’s titles. Half of the books in the shop were written by Morrison. I just don’t get it. How many books does this guy write/month?

Also – he’s just not very good. He’s WAY too busy trying to be ‘cool’ and ‘awesome’ and ‘controversial’ to even know what a good story is. I was lucky enough to run into some stories by Geoff Johns and he is BY FAR a better writer. Johns writes the characters, he shows us dramatic scenes that lend gravity to any action scenes he writes. The gravity of the characters, the strength of the characters, his LOVE of the characters shows through almost every line of dialogue. He also respects the continuity and does his best to integrate and explain as many aspects of it as he can. He really does wonderful work, and his work on the Hal Jordan rebirth story was great, and the way he had Batman and Jordan interact in that, and in subsequent issues was wonderful. He LOVES the characters and it shows.

Morrison on the other hand – loves himself, and his own ‘rebel without a clue’ sensibilities. He’s willing to destroy anything and anyone to appear cool and awesome and on top of things. I suspect he goes out of his way to make the stories ‘cosmic’ and ‘complex’ so that 1) people don’t notice the complete lack of dramatic substance, and 2) the continuity gets so convoluted that only ‘he’ can continue to make sense of it thereby assuring his monopoly as DC writer supreme.

He’s lame.

It didn’t take me long to find that out.

Final Crisis is a piece of crap.

Yes. It really is. Including ridiculous panels where he ‘tells’ us how great and noble the characters are because he is CLEARLY unable to SHOW us just that in subtle dramatic scenes. Morrison is the Die Hard 4 of the comics industry. HUGE BANGS all in a row, leading, in my case, to a snooze-fest. He’s so busy pulling focus on himself that his stories are just boring, boring, boring – and his treatment of the characters both shallow and shamefully disrespectful.

DC is really shooting itself in the foot, and the longer they allow Morrison free reign, the longer this will continue.

DC, if you listen to anything – listen to the fans – dump Morrison.

Listen to Geoff Johns.

Beg Brad Meltzer to write more.

Respect your characters.