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KarmaMole is a nickname for Omar Kamel. He is a writer, musician, photographer, director, and producer. He makes things out of words and sounds and images. He spent three years of his life in a futile fight for a better future in Tahrir Square and has more opinions than any mortal man should be allowed. Some of them are on this blog.

Bernie Sanders Is No Mike Gravel


I wish Bernie Sanders were the real deal, but he isn’t. He supports drone strikes and was okay with an illegal ‘kill list’ and backed up corrupt Clinton when he didn’t secure the DNC’s support. You want a real deal, get Mike Gravel back in the race. HE’s the ‘real deal.’  And if you don’t know who Mike Gravel is, then consider this, why have...

Brilliant Vice


I Saw Vice yesterday. It’s an absolutely great movie. Well written, very well directed, great performances all around. It’s rare to see a movie tackle such a serious subject with such so much humor and still punch you in the gut with the gravity of the matter at hand. Christian Bale (who I still think of as an asshole every since that screaming recording) pulls off an absolutely...



Aquaman is terrible. The jokes don’t land. The close-ups and metal riffing on the little quips are so pathetic they’re laughable. The heroic arc is completely lacking, with everybody telling us how worthy Aquaman is without the movie demonstrating any (other than ‘genetic’) nobility on his part. It’s about 45 minutes longer than it has any right or reason to be. The soundtrack is confused...

DC In Crisis


I like some of Tom King’s work, and some of his earlier Batman stories were really good (I’m ignoring the Batman Wedding debacle), but Heroes in Crisis should have been nipped in the bud by the editorial powers that be and exemplifies what happens when a writer gets too big for his ideas to be rejected. The very notion of a secret trauma hospital/therapy center for both heroes and villains is...

The Lion King


Excited about the new Lion King? In case you forgot, this was the story: A brain-dead cub listens to his lying uncle and gets his father killed. He cowardly abandons his now-widowed mother, is rewarded for all that by ending up in heaven where he sings “Hakuna Matata” (Disney for “Fuck It All, I Don’t Care”), then comes back home in the noble pursuit...

DC Fleecing Comic Book Fans


I’m really tired of all the various editions that get published to fleece comic book readers, and that try to make a buck off prospective ‘collectors.’ Look at this one, for example – the issue for which this claims to be a ‘Director’s Cut’ was barely released last month, and already we have a ‘director’s cut’! First of all, comics...

Goodbye, Gamil Ratib


Egypt has suffered a great loss today, as Gamil Ratib, a fantastic actor who made many of his roles unforgettable, died at 92. Aside from being a wonderful actor, Gamil was also a kind, gentle, and intelligent human being who stood with the Jan 25th revolution and loathed the massacre committed by Sisi and the military in Rabaa. The day after Mubarak was removed, Gamil warned the revolutionaries...

Fishere’s Dangerous Argument


I’ve read Ezzedine Fishere’s article describing how the military will eventually relinquish power. I like Fishere, and I’ve liked him since he showed up on my TV screen one day and suggested that the viewers use their remote controls to turn off a lying media. Fishere, at some length, constructs the four pillars of his argument, describing them as such and indicating that since...

The Myth of the Honest Broker


Only the United States would have the sheer arrogance and delusion to refer to itself as an “honest broker” or try to convince the world that it’s seeking a “peaceful solution” to the Palestinian issue while sabotaging any possibility of peace by moving its embassy to Jerusalem and inaugurating it during Palestinians protests in memory of the Palestinian Nakba or Holocaust. Only Trump would...

Your ‘Secret’ Is Bullshit


The universe does not respond to your ‘energy’ in kind, and I’m incredibly exhausted by people who claim that it does. All these ideas, whether from ‘The Secret’ or taught by self-styled second-hand gurus, are absolute shit and are absolutely dangerous notions, mostly used to make entitled people feel they ‘deserve’ their good fortunes and don’t need to feel responsible for the less...

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