More from the article mentioned in the previous post…

“There was a glitch in 2002 when Bush declared ‘enough is enough’ and demanded that Sharon pull back Israeli forces from their siege of the West Bank, dispatching Colin Powell, then secretary of state, to negotiate a withdrawal. AIPAC helped organize congressional resolutions reaffirming solidarity with Israel that passed the Senate by 94 to 2 and the House by 352 to 21. Supporters organized a ‘Stand Up for Israel’ rally in Washington in April that drew tens of thousands. The crowd booed senior Pentagon official Paul Wolfowitz, Bush’s representative to the rally, when he told them ‘innocent Palestinians are suffering and dying in great numbers.’ And they cheered Janet Parshall, host of an evangelical Christian talk show, who declared: ‘We will never limp, we will never wimp, we will never vacillate in our support of Israel.’

Bush stopped making his plea for withdrawal, and four days after the rally hailed Sharon as a ‘man of peace.’ Powell came home empty-handed.”

Like I said, read the damn thing.