You might want to read the following quotation very carefully, and consider the words.

“Against huge odds…they decline to submit, and instead go out on the streets and pick up stones. They are beaten without let or mercy. They are imprisoned under obscene conditions, after kangaroo trials, or no trials at all. They are regularly shot at; enough of them are killed to make death as ever-present and as realistic a possibility as it was in our Korean and Vietnam Wars. Many are maimed; many are disfigured for life. Yet they come out in the streets again and again, these young people, some not much more than children, and they pick up stones.

“What name shall we give to the trait of character that produces conduct like this?

“Why do you hesitate? You know what the word is. Do you hesitate because that word just never happens to be spoken in America in application to these young Palestinian people? Or is it because you fear that a revolution in your thought and feeling will have to follow your pronouncing the word?

“Well, you’re very likely right about that last. That makes you nervous? So let me help you. I’ll start things off by saying the word for you the first time.

“The word is ‘courage’.”

Professor Charles L. Black, Jr.
Sterling Professor of Law Emeritus, Yale

Professor Black wrote only once about the Middle East, the terrible plight of the Palestinians, and the complicity of the United States in this situation because of the “Special Relationship” with Israel.

It was the only time in his career that no magazine or journal in the United States would publish his writings.

You can read the full text here – it’s not in the most practical of formats, so I’ll try to convert it to pdf at some point and mirror it somewhere. Don’t hold your breath, since I’m not quite sure I’ve got the time to type it all up just yet.

But please read the damn thing…