Wonderfully Abusive, Ridiculously Undiplomatic, Hail George!

And I’m not being sarcastic. Admittedly, George doesn’t go about it in what appears to be the most subtle way, and perhaps that might be less persuasive to those who might take offense, but if you can just get past that, and listen to what he’s saying, and actually process it instead of just reel back in shock, then you might start to understand why any demeanor less insulted would be too shameful to bear…

And yes, that was a long sentence, I apologize for the lack of brevity.



You can watch it at YouTube.com right here.

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  1. that was so fucking awesome and cathartic! I watched it like a neurotic sports fan watches their favorite team – jumping out of my chair & cheering. It feels so good when someone speaks the truth and speaks it well.

    thanks for that.

  2. bless his heart! I was beginning to think that noone who had any media presense had an inkling of what is really going on in the middle east. Now if only the world could be lifted out of the fog. Alas, as long as CNN keeps filtering its filtered and bias bullshit into peoples living rooms so that tv educated Americans can check in during a commercial break from mtv to see what they should fear next from Anderson Pooper most of the world will remain soft scared ignorant dildos.
    This mans voice should be heard bellowing from loud speakers on top of every local McDonalds all across the world. I love George!!!!

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