Well, If The US Can Do It…

The British Sunday Times has reported that Israel is already planning and training for a tactical nuclear attack on Iranian facilities.

This particular news item was also carried on ynetnews, a Zionist news site.

In any case, I find it particularly that neither headline displayed the simple truth behind the report – the final implicit headline composed of five simple words “Israel does have nuclear weapons.”

In any case – Ynetnews then goes on to state that “After countless declarations of peaceful intentions of nuclear plan, Iran’s chief nuclear envoy confirms fears by saying if county is threatened, situation may change.“…

You can see the logic of paranoia putting that sentence together. The simple statement by Iran that it would react if threatened, is taken to mean that their nuclear plans are not otherwise intended peacefully.

The nuclear weapons that the Zionist Militia (hmm..now there’s a simpler name…) – is planning to use are supposedly tactical – in plain English that means that they could potentially kill say 10,000 people – a paltry figure in a genocidal regime’s eye – a mere 1/15th (more or less) the mass of life destroyed in Hiroshima.

Tact-ical indeed.

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  1. Nothing is more inviting to Eris’s children than disunity.

    Yet too few in this region care to unite.

    Fuck it then. If we so despise ourselves and each other we deserve to get knocked off like dominos.

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