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What the hell is wrong with The Australian? Or more precisely, Roger Boyes in Berlin?

They publish an article with the hideous and false title of ‘Mozart Sacrificed To The Muslims‘, about the German Opera performance that’s been cancelled for worries about a specific scene.

The title is significant when you consider that the scene in question is not part of the original Opera, and is an ‘addition’ created by the Opera’s director. The objectionable material has nothing whatsoever to do with Mozart.

And so, along come Roger and The Australian with a title claiming that Mozart has been sacrificed to ‘The Muslims’. Notice that; not the objections of a specific Islamic body in Germany, no – the title simply says ‘The Muslims’…

If you read the article, Roger does get around to mentioning that the scene occurs in the epilogue which Roger does tell us was conceived’ by the director, but by the time he casually mentions that, the damage has been done. The readers have already been put in a mindset in which Mozart has fell victim to the suicidal maniacs.


The article title is obscene. It is false and inflammatory, and it is cheap.

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  1. Roger Boyes is the Times UK German correspondent and as you point out, an idiot. About 90% of his pieces are alarmist – usually centered around Neo-Nazis. One would think the 3rd reich still rules around here. I guess that’s what sells well back in England. Thankfully I have not seen such a ridiculous title (‘Mozart Sacrificed To The Muslims’) echoed in the German press.

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