The way the army treated the demonstrators Friday night was completely unacceptable. We demonstrated for two weeks during curfew to get Mubarak out, and we were breaking the curfew EVERY DAY and the army knew it. That the army thinks it’s OKAY for us to break curfew to remove Mubarak but not to remove Shafiq or the NDP cronies who now rule the government isn’t logical. Otherwise, you have to believe that they only let us demonstrate to use us as an instrument to remove Mubarak.

As for Friday night / Saturday morning – attacking girls and mothers and other demonstrators with electric cattle prods is NOT a civilized thing to do – and please don’t make excuses for them and against us. If the army did nothing wrong, they wouldn’t have released an apology – NOR would they have submitted to our e3tisam tonight.

I was in Tahrir last night – and there were about 1000 people there spending the night – we mostly went last night to make it clear to the army that Friday’s treatment is COMPLETELY unacceptable.

You (and the army) can’t call the demonstrators heroes and then turn around and chase them away with masked soldiers and electric shocks. I’m sorry, but that’s just cheap and whoever agrees to that is betraying us and everything we have achieved or hope to achieve.

You shouldn’t be excusing the army for what they did on Friday – you should’ve been in Tahrir last night telling them they CANNOT do this and that you do NOT accept it.

Luckily, about 1,000 of us did just.

So next time YOU want some freedoms, perhaps you won’t get pushed, kicked, chased and electrocuted.