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I have generally maintained that the occupation commonly referred to as ‘the State of Israel’ – is just that; a military camp plonked down in the Middle East to wreak bloody havoc. My logic for this has been dead simple, call it simplistic if you will, but it is a very clear logic.

Consider this; when a ‘country’ that small (about 1/19 of the the size of California) has an army that is ranked as the most powerful in the Middle East – what can you conclude? The ratio of ‘army’ to ‘country’ in this little piece of Zionist heaven is ridiculous. The bare bones conclusion? The so-called ‘State of Israel’ is nothing but a military camp pretending to be a country.

Usually, when I reach this conclusion – I argue against myself, and think of the children born in that military camp. I know they will all undergo military training, no matter their gender or inclination, but still, I tell myself…before that, surely they cannot be seen as military personel, surely before that, they are nothing but innocent children.

But children are, at least until they mature, and if they mature, the creations of their families, their society, and their media, and as the previous post demonstrates; children are not always pretty nor cute.

And finally, remember this – that when the ‘State of Israel’ was created in the middle of a cruel war, a poster was plastered on the walls: “All the country – a front! All the people – an army!”

Point made.

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  1. ok, ana ma3ak inno there’s nothing right about the creation and continuing presence of the state of israel (although sometimes the lawyer in me doesn’t find it so objectionable, from the international legal persecpective). but even if there’s blood on every one of there hands, etc. they’re not going anywhere. so what if it is a huge camp? what difference does that really make? they will only say…this is how it needs to be for us to protect ourselves. and they will be believed. it doesn’t make a bit of difference as to the perception of them, and so it won’t make a diffeence as to their inevitable longevity.

    about those pics below of the kids….we know they were spurred on by photographers, asla. and were u under the impression that anyone preaches tolerance and love to their kids on either side of the issue?

  2. If ANYTHING, it should be the lawyer in you who understands that genocide is not a legal foundation for a country, regardless of how America, for instance, was built. The lawyer in you should be nauseated by the number of international laws the Zionists have ignored every step of the way towards creating their bloody ‘utopia’, the lives they have trampled, and the blood they have spilled with NO LEGAL RIGHT whatsoever. I find it incredible that it is the ‘lawyer’ in you that is willing to stand by a criminal state of the most horrific magnitude, that is is the ‘lawyer’ in you who finds nothing wrong with rampant crime, that it is the ‘lawyer’ in you who doesn’t care about justice.

    As for ‘they’re not going anywhere, so what if it’s a huge camp’ – are you Israeli? It’s starting to sound like it. First of all, the Zionist presence claiming to be a country is the only so-called country in the world that has so far refused to draft either a border or a constitution (how’s that for the ‘lawyer’ in you?). They refuse to draft a border because they have never accepted the border drawn for them by the UN in 1948, and they refuse to draft a constitution because putting down their inherently racist regime on paper might reveal too much of the charade. Also – they INTEND to ‘go somewhere’ – as is evidenced by the continuing symbolism of their flag – which apparently you might be ignorant of, and which has NOT been reformed, and which continues to dream of ‘Greater Israel’. I’ve heard other Zionists in Sinai who still think of it as their ‘home’. Once again, you’re in Disneyland, perhaps you should consider getting a residency there. As for your insanely casual ‘so what if they’re a camp?’ – well,the blood of thousands of innocent Palestinians may not faze you or spoil your day, but others feel differently.

    They will only say? They can say what they like, the ‘judge’ in you should understand the simple difference between Right and Wrong, and should commit itself to upholding the Right, and denying the Wrong. Perhaps this is something that never came up during your ‘legal’ education. If so, you are the poorer for it.

    As for their ‘inevitable’ longevity…I can only shudder at the pride your parents must feel towards your obvious fatalism regarding a continuing tragedy. You sadden me. There is nothing inevitable about their so-called longevity, and whatever inevitability they presume to have is built on the apathy and callousness of ‘Arabs’ like yourself. Surrender to injustice if you feel that’s the way to go, but don’t expect others to subscribe to your point of view.

    You might also want to consider Gotts method of lifetime estimation.

    And here endeth my 2 minute rant.

  3. ok – you clearly know nothing about how layers think, or you would have understood what i meant about the international legal perspective. there are actually numerous legal arguments supporting the state of israel, pertaining to the authority of the mandate, the self-determination rights of the immigrant jews, etc. They can be countered, but legally speaking they’re quite believable.
    yes, there has been carnage and ethnic cleansing and lots of atrocities. I’m not denying that.
    i’m also really diappointed in you for actually thinking that “you must be israeli” is an argument. so what if i were? does that mean i couldn’t make points that could be weighed on their merits?
    moreover, it might interest you to know that many countries have no constitution – foremost among them the UK. it is not a necessity for having a state. as for secure borders, when they declared they state they had borders that they could secure – and that, legally speaking, is enough for it to be a state, if you’re so fond of the law.

    about that hackneyed old notion – the nile to the euphrates – i have put signficant research into this and can find not the faintest clue that this is the intention of any party associated with Israel. It’s definitely unsupported by the religious texts; all of the senior political sources cited have only been cited by Arab leaders with agendas of their own; the pattern on the flag echoes that of the traditional prayer shawl. Greater Israel has never included Egypt. Either way, it doesn’t matter what they aspire to. aspirations are not fact. realistically speaking, the State of Israel is not going to cease to exist. Not wile there are Americans in the world, and there is every reason to suppose there will be. It’s not fair, and it’s not right, but there it is.

    anyway, i’m done reading your blog, since you have no grip on reality whatsoever. we ALL know israel is racist and fucked up beyond belief. but, it’s not goint to cease to exist, so some method of co-existing has to be worked out. if you don’t want peace at all, that’s another thing.

  4. Judging from your last paragraph, there seems little point addressing any of your comments.

    It’s curious that you mention the availability of numerous ‘legal arguments’ and then fail to provide anything but the lamest pro-colonial notion of a mandates authrotiy.

    The Zionist claims have no legal basis whatsoever, and rely on theological absurdities and historical irrelevancies.

    You might consider reading the Founding Myths of Israeli Politics by Roger Garaudy. You might start undertanding the actual ontology of the damn thing.

    Oh, so your reaction the carnage and genocide is that…you…don’t…deny them?



    I never claimed that ‘are you an Israeli’ is an argument. If I had, I would stopped there and not went on to address the rest of your frightfully unbalanced comment.

    Ah. So your definition of the Zionist ‘border’ defining a ‘state’ is basically inclusive of ‘any land that they can secure’? I’ll have to remember that if the Israeli tanks ever grind their way into Tahrir.

    And your inability to see the ‘Greater Israel’ idea is an inability to see the forest for the trees. No single party has to discuss it. That’s like looking for an Egyptian party in Egypt. They are ALL Egyptians, just as ALL parties in a Zionist system would be Zionist. You hardly have to look…

    As for your repeated ‘assertions’ that the so-called ‘State of Israel’ will continue to exist, the immortality which you seem too glad to oblige it with is not definitive, and it shows an impotence on your part to think so.

    It also shows that you haven’t bothered to look up Gott’s work to which I’ve already referred.

    Oh, and if you’re NOT reading this – good riddance.

  5. Avatar


    Where can I find more on Gotts method of lifetime estimation ???

    It is not inevitable at all that artificial israel’s lifetime is indefinite or even long relative to other, real nations. In fact, an increasing number of opinions and analyses from the US seem to concede its inevitable dissolution, and lament the intractability of its continued presence. Just as a recent tame example, Paul Craig Roberts, former treasury official of the Reagan administration, wrote, “… [israel’s] population is declining, as the smart ones have seen the writing on the wall and have been leaving.”
    Some writers, albeit of a leftist bent have openly questioned the viability of the continuing existence of israel as it defines itself.
    Furthermore, while two of the three monotheisms predict its utter doom in their eschatologies (note the jewish eschatology is conspicuously missing from the canons of judaica,) a marxist dialectical view of history would also conclude that the only thing inevitable is israel’s dissolution; not to mention that if history is any guide, all colonialisms end, and the underdog always wins.
    As a final aside, as to how to dissolve that artificial camp? simple. they will have to sell their supposed arsenal (if indeed it does exist – i have doubts about that) to the US (as the egyptian idioms goes, keep one’s cooking oil with one’s flour) and the US and Canada should step up to their obligation and absorb the zionist population – as it is, North America, as a continent should absorb at least another one or two two billion people, but the draconian limits on immigration have artificially limited the continent’s population from getting anywhere near one billion, while africa s. america and asia have to support 5 billion people. Finally, as to the problem of those who were born to zionist parents on that colonial garrison fiefdom called israel, well, it would be another of the heinous consequences of the zionists and their impossible gamble against human history and justice. Besides no one said that they would be forcibly expelled. Again if history is any guide, muslims or arabs have , as far as the records show, been magnanimous in victory and forgiving of their past agressors, and indeed have always welcomed and integrated past invaders into their own fold.

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