The News – In English.

Item No.1

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“Abbas : Bush is Committed to Middle East Pea”

In English:

Ignoring the inappropriately light-hearted typo – Abbas has gone nuts, has sold out, and is now seeking accommodation in Bedlam.

Item No.2

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Pentagon Officials Says No Credible Evidence of Koran Abuse”

In English:

The Pentagon would sooner burn in hell than admit to any wrong doing. Furthre down, in the same article, they admit that it was….dig this…mishandled. Not abused, nope. Just mishandled.

*entire muslim population of the world heaves a huge sigh of relief, wipes it’s brow, and saunters off towards the nearest McDonalds*

Gosh, wasn’t that close.

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  1. It’s no wonder why we have tons of middle eastern ers wanting to kick our nuts into our stomachs and then one more for good measure. I just hope that the koran stuff doesn’t come back to haunt us but you reap what you sow.
    Cheers and great blog and writing
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