The Idiocy of So-Called Modern Science…

By on Jun 24, 2006 in Politics | 0 comments

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One can only hope that the title of the ‘news’ article ‘Creativity older than thought’ was intended as a bad pun. Otherwise, well…

In any case, the article goes on to claim that due to the discovery of very early forms of jewelry, the ‘modern’ mind as we know it must’ve existed for a much longer time than scientists have previously assumed.


I have no doubt at all that the ‘modern’ mind a) is a mis-nomer, and b) has existed much longer than scientists would ever dare think…However, the logic of the argument elaborated in the article is just pathetic.

Examine, for instance, this quotation:

“If people were using beads, they were using them to convey a message about themselves,” Professor Stringer said. “I believe that implies there was language, which does much the same thing.” – The Australian

The assumption that you can date the existence of ‘thought’, ‘creativity’, or ‘language’ based on the existence of jewelry is just silly. The notion that man would collect artifacts for display goes back to the existence of the opposable thumb, and more so – to the existence of weaponry.

Look before you leap…

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