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As though it weren’t bad enough having to deal with the insulting displays of sorrow and horror that the U.S. & Britian have adopted regarding their honest treatment of Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghraib…

As though ‘Shock & Awe’® had not been bad enough…

As though cluster bombs being dropped on major Iraqi cities were not bad enough…

As though Madeline Albright’s casual dismissal of 500,000 dead children were not bad enough…

Now we have to deal with John Wayne feeling remorse towards prison rape, and nude involuntary body scuplture.

The facts are simple; America knows exactly what it’s doing. America has been helping the Israeli’s do it for (was I going to say years…?) decades. America has decided to do the same. Call it the Coalition. Call it the Interim Government. Call it Paul Bremer happily bouncing to Cheney’s, Dick. The Arabs will soon call it Palestine 2: A Nation In Shambles.

But there’s no other way to do it.

John Wayne is a consumer.

A voracious consumer.

There are about 7 billion people on this planet, give or take a chink. America’s population is just about 300 million. That means Americans constitute less than 5% of the world’s populatoin.

Yet somehow, they consume more than a quarter of the world’s oil, and they produce half of the world’s garbage.

Yup. Those are facts. Check them out. John (on the wane) Wayne is nuts. No wonder Agent Smith thought of humans as virii…he had to deal with so many Americans.

But, I mean, think about it – if the world were a fair place (cue laugh track…), the odds of any particular reader of this page being American would be 20:1 against. In reality, however, there’s a high chance, that if you’re reading this, you’re American. You’re also all over my TV screen. Invading this country, supporting a coup d’etat in that country. Helping the native drug lords plant opium in this country, raping women and prisoners in that one. You’re all over the place.

What’re you doing hiring Israeli ‘interrogation experts’ in Iraq? Isn’t it bad enough what you’ve let them do in Israel? Have you no shame whatsoever? And now, just when I thought nothing else would surprise me, I read an article explaining that you’re got your boys from Guantanamo down there too. At Abu Ghraib…

Now if this is what they’re doing in Iraq – surrounded, as they are by a population that has shown them no great deal of tender loving care, and in a relatively low security setting where soldiers are walking around with cameras…

just imagine what they’ve been up to in Gauntanamo…

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  1. you might be interested in the fact that madeleine albright did a lecture at my university, thats in norwich in the UK, and halfway through the tannoy system started to scream and the hall was suddenly filled with enraged angry students baying for her blood. it was rather humourous. i think she left with a great impression of my uni.

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