The BBC – Continuing to Disappoint..

Just my luck.

I visit the BBC web site today, cause somebody told me they’ve got an article about UK’s intelligence report about the July 7th London bombings…

On the front page I find a link described as an article about about the ‘Osirak Anniversary’…



I go around the article, hoping to find a way to comment on this particular exhibition of British poor taste, and finally find a link that allows me … 500 characters…on the ‘question’ of whether or not the Zionists were right to bomb Osirak.

Gosh, thank god for free speech.

So I type this out:

“Osirak – it’s in the past, and it’s done.

What is more disturbing however, is the way the bombing, an act of aggression condemned by the United Nations, is being given an ‘anniversary’ and celebrated on the BBC’s website, the pilots interviewed as though they were war heroes…

That is the part I find incomprehensible, and in fact – barbaric.

The article inside mentions the pilot who went on to become the first Zionist astronaut, and yet somehow claims that Columbia (named after another murderous invader) disintegrated on re-entry, when in fact the remains of Columbia crashed in, of all places, Palestine, Texas.

Ah. The world turns”

And I hit ‘Enter’.

Naturally, the site tells me I’ve gone over my 500 characters. So I edit, edit, edit. Until my little rant turns into a little lit-bite – which, of course, they reserve the right to moderate if they deem it racist, or homophobic.



BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Osirak: Over the reactor

Read. Read. Think. Etc.

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  1. Avatar


    From Wikipedia:

    An anniversary (from the Latin anniversarius, from the words for year and to turn, meaning (re)turning yearly; known in English since c1230) is a day that *commemorates* or celebrates a past event that occurred on the same day of the year as the initial event.

    *commemorate* – be or provide a memorial to a person or an event; “This sculpture commemorates the victims of the concentration camps”;

  2. Right.

    If you’re actually trying to imply that the BBC’s article does not implicitly condone the bombing, then maybe you should consider:

    1. That your definition, dragged in from the Wikipedia happens to include the word ‘celebrate’ – which is NOT an impartial word.


    2. How you would feel about an article titled “Holocaust Anniversay: Interview With Nazi Officials Who Made Soap Out of Jews”?


  3. Avatar


    the word anniversary has two meanings. I don’t believe the BBC meant celebration. I believe they meant commemoration.

    I wouldn’t have a problem with the words “holocaust” and “anniversary” together. I may take offense at the soap bit though.

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