What Americans Should Know…

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Incredibly, all the ‘news’ networks are flooded with items about the Isra…the Zionist soldier held by the Palestinians. Not surprisingly, most of these news items completely neglect to mention the fact that the Zionist occupation is holding and has been holding more than 9,000 Palestinian prisoners for years, most of whom are, by any definition of the word, civilians, and many of whom are children – legal minors. How many of those are actually undergoing some kind of legal process? Well, the numbers are pathetic. I’m not in the most lyrical of moods, so excuse the lackluster writing. I just can’t believe the horrific lack of shame exhibited by the news media. The news media that remains silent about incredible injustices perpetrated daily at the expense of women and children, is yet somehow willing to blow the capture of one soldier beyond all...

Know Thy Enemy…

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This is just a quick refresher, since memory seems to be in short supply. When the World Trade Center in New York went down, killing around 3,000 people – the reactions in Tehran, Iran were as follows: The Iranians, over 1 million of them, were on the streets of Tehran, holding a candle-light vigil for the people who had died. Yes, that’s the 2nd time I say ‘people’, not ‘Americans’, because, really, that’s what they were. To most people, I think – that’s what they were…people; husbands, wives, sons and daughters. Compare this with the footage of Mr. Bush, days afterwards, standing in the midst of the rubble. Again, the smug look on the face, a man about to break into a smirk. A man who sees nothing but opportunity, a man high on the rising post-disaster approval ratings, a man who at the time this picture was taken, already...

You Gotta Laugh – No. 1732

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BBC NEWS | Americas | Guantanamo suicides ‘acts of war’ “The camp commander said the two Saudis and a Yemeni were ‘committed’ and had killed themselves in ‘an act of asymmetric warfare waged against us’.” Right. THEY KILLED THEMSELVES AT US! ‘Nuff Said.

A Look At Iran

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A briefing worth reading is IRAN : CONSEQUENCES OF A WAR So it goes… Read the online version, download as a printable pdf in English or German.

The BBC – Continuing to Disappoint..

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Just my luck. I visit the BBC web site today, cause somebody told me they’ve got an article about UK’s intelligence report about the July 7th London bombings… On the front page I find a link described as an article about about the ‘Osirak Anniversary’… An…ANNIVERSARY… Right. I go around the article, hoping to find a way to comment on this particular exhibition of British poor taste, and finally find a link that allows me … 500 characters…on the ‘question’ of whether or not the Zionists were right to bomb Osirak. Gosh, thank god for free speech. So I type this out: “Osirak – it’s in the past, and it’s done. What is more disturbing however, is the way the bombing, an act of aggression condemned by the United Nations, is being given an ‘anniversary’ and celebrated on the BBC’s...

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