What’s Going On At Maspero…

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Well, I don’t have the whole picture, but I was there the day before, on the 24th of June and I can at least explain what I heard and understood. PS: I have NOT done any fact-checking, I’m telling you what I was told and showing you the footage and photos I shot. You may consider plausible or probable or logical whatever you choose. Personally, I wouldn’t be bothering to write this if I didn’t believe that nobody in their right mind would prefer to live with their kids, in the heat, under attack, on the street at Maspero. So it goes – There were 3 main groups of demonstrators, as well as various activists (call them what you will – activists, bloggers, tweeps, citizens with both conscience and time, nas fadya, whatever) – who were there in support of one, some, or all the protests. I belonged to the latter group, make of that what you will. The...

July 8 : Reclaiming the Revolution

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Justice for Martyrs : Maspero 24/6

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