What Happened April 8/9 in Tahrir

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The choice to commit to a sit-in was not much of a choice. When the dissenting army officers came to Tahrir, their fates were pretty much sealed, and we knew that if they went home, they would pretty much be dead. So whether or not we ‘wanted’ to spend the night in Tahrir, we pretty much realized we had to. The officers had basically thrust their neck out and unless we were there with them, we might as well have hung them dead ourselves. So we decided to stay. At the end of the night there were around 2000 of us at the most, I figure. Unfortunately, our numbers had been dented by the fact that some protesters decided to go protest at the Israeli embassy. I UNDERSTAND why they wanted to do so – because, on principle I agree with them completely – however, KNOWING that the army officers were in Tahrir and that things could escalate, I tweeted some of the embassy...

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