An Opportunity for Secularism

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For a week or so now, we’ve endured a ridiculous plot-line, acted out throughout several countries of the Middle East, and it’s reached (past tense, I’m being an optimist…) a shameful peak with the murders in Libya. Even in Egypt, where protests have been less violent, it appears that at least one protester may have lost his life. Over a movie trailer. It’s silly on the one hand, and predictable on the other, and I’ve explained why in my previous post ‘Bonfire of the Vanities’ – however, this ridiculous chain of events has had serious consequences: The movie has succeeded in it’s main mission of defaming Islam, Muslims,  and Arabs by giving them an excuse to do so themselves. They leapt at the opportunity, and went well and truly berserk. There is absolutely nothing wrong with protesting a movie trailer with blog posts,...

Bonfire of the Vanities

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Shenanigans. We are witnessing shenanigans, tomfoolery, and much clownish ness. Also, a good deal of buffoonery, poppycock, and a wide whisk of whimsical witlessness all marked as balderdash. Getting the picture? A fantastically bad movie was made. It may have been made so badly for nefarious purposes, or possibly by a creator who really is that bad, that stupid, and that impervious to both taste and reason. Whichever. And yes, Muslims are nuts – but so is everybody else on this planet who chooses to maintain unprovable beliefs. You are all…technically…insane. I mean it; ask a Vulcan. He’ll fill you in. Is it stupid to draw attention to a movie that you think is bad or insulting? No, of course not – on principle it is the only wise choice of action. Is it useful to do so? No. Not at all. The Sex Pistols were made when their song ‘God Save The...

What’s Going on in Egypt?

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The army, as expected, are being motherfuckers. Some of us have been telling people that the army leadership is no good since March, but it took a while for the rest of the people to catch up to that, since they initially trusted the army. As their awareness increased, things escalated, and in November, the army attacked a small group of injured protesters who were sitting-in in Tahrir, their attack prompted everyone to go support them, leading to a 5 day long battle between us and the security forces. We lost tens of people, and about a couple of thousand got injured, around a hundred or so were shot in the eye. The police officers were clearly targeting eyes. One of our guys (Dr. Ahmed Harara) who had lost an eye on Jan28 lost another on Nov19. One eye lost to Mubarak, and another to the army generals. We’re also fairly certain that they’ve used gasses over than...

The Doomsday Hijab

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Several years ago I was sitting in a restaurant downtown. There were no prophetic utterances of ‘revolution’ or but my friend was expressing fears regarding Islamist control of Egypt. ‘What, exactly, are you worried about?’ I would ask. The Hijab. Alcohol was a second issue. My counter at the time was that if the government / leadership was actually honest, then the amount of good they could accomplish would by far exceed what I considered the mild inconveniences involved. If the Brotherhood would swoop in, I argued, run a non-corrupt, honest government, and actually channel the country’s resources to create better standards of living for millions now deprived of it several stages down along Maslow’s Pyramid – then who the hell am I to complain if I can’t have a drink? But, of course, that’s simplistic. It’s just as easy to...

Sultans and Scarves

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Three weeks ago, an Egyptian Muslim mother and wife, four months with child, was stabbed to death in Dresden, the civilian city bombed to the ground by the allies during World War II. She was stabbed in full view of her son and husband, and when her husband rushed to defend her, he himself was shot by the German police because they assumed him to be the attacker. Go figure. For the last three weeks, I’ve heard people say, and I’ve said it myself based on what I’ve seen – that the international media hasn’t found this story quite as interesting as that of The Death of Neda Sultan. I’ve now done the numbers: As of today, a search for Neda Sultan on Google, brings up about 1.14 Million results (I’m accounting for spelling variations by adding up the results for ‘Soltan’ and ‘Sultan’ – so this is the total of the two) for Neda. A similarly conducted search for Marwa Sherbini (with...

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