Another Article Removed by Times of Israel

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Earlier today. I saw an article on the Times of Israel titled “Does This War Make Me Look Fat?” – I posted it on Facebook, but then it was removed. This is the second time this week that The Times of Israel has published and then deleted articles that clearly reveal just how insane and callous Zionism can be – the first was an article explicitly called “When Genocide is Permissible”. In any case, for those who are interested – I managed to copy the article in full before it was removed : First – a screenshot – And now – the actual text – in full – BEGIN ARTICLE Try as may, I cannot stop rockets with M&M’s. Hershey’s syrup doesn’t stop the sound of booms, Cocoa Pebbles don’t stop sirens, and chocolate, glory be thy name, doesn’t stop war. I have tried in earnest to employ all of these methods and alas, Operation...

Philip K. Dick on Israel

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This is a letter Philip K. Dick wrote in response to Israel’s bombing of the Osirak reactor in Iraq in 1981. It’s worth reading these days because, as with his science fiction, PKD remains prophetic…. Philip K. Dick is, arguably, the science fiction author, and the mind behind such movies as Blade Runner, Minority Report, The Adjustment Bureau, and many others. The letter is fascinating in many regards; for a start PKD’s approach is well thought out, in his first paragraph he outlines the logical problems inherent in Israel’s attack on Osirak. In the second, he discusses the state of mind that leads to such paranoia, and in the third, he warns Israel, and insinuates that they are possessed by the memory of a madman… Read on – (From ‘The Selected Letters of Philip K. Dick 1980-82’)… Dear Ron Hendren, Regarding Israel’s...

That Dangerous lil’ Beast Called Hope

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There once was a people, who looked at other people, and thought – oh, my god – I wouldn’t want that. They sent out a boat That sailed across the moat, Until, at last – They saw Their desti-nation. But there were other people, evil, nasty people, who sure as hell didn’t want THAT. ‘The Flotilla Song’ – Don’t Bother to Look It Up. I just made it up. Anyway – The Audacity of Hope was part of a flotilla going to Gaza with human aid. That it was also effectively challenging the Israeli Blockade of Gaza has certainly been a neat bonus. The Audacity of Hope is now in Greece because its Captain has been accused not only of leaving port without permission – but with – yes – get this – ‘endangering the lives of passengers’! You might as well arrest every cab driver in the world. Every single one of...

Obama In Cairo

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Well, here he was. Massive hype, of course, an event touted as a game-changer for American/Arab relations and something that a lot of people were eagerly expecting. Even before the event, certain facts were being highlighted within the region – Unlike most, if not all, US Presidents of the last few decades, Obama would not be visiting Israel and would not be driven straight from the airport to the Holocaust Museum. Obama would make his speech from Cairo, not from any of the other Middle-Eastern U.S. Buddy Nations of Arabia. This, in itself, is seen to augment Egypt’s arguably waning influence within the region. And so he comes, with a security details of around, apparently, 3,000 Americans – most of whom entered the country with no visa or who were given rushed, no-questions-asked visa’s in the airport as they landed, putting in a more embarrassing light the humiliation and...

The Clinton Provides A Pass

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Despite the supposedly promising move of making George Mitchell the Middle East Envoy – it appears that any work he attempts will be under the glowering shadow of none other than second of the two infamous Clintons, good old Hillary. Consider if you will, the article at Reuters entitled “Clinton says Israel has the right to defend itself. ” This is not a novel or unique statement, and it is a factually redundant one given that any ‘nation’ (and I use the word here against my better judgment) legally has that right. In fact, the statement is old code, and what it means is this “That the USA will continue to support Israel no matter what Israel chooses to do and no matter what it becomes in the process. Israel has the USA-Backed MIGHT to do to the Palestinians whatever they goddamn please.” – so let’s not kid ourselves, that’s...

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