The Brotherhood Just Can’t Win

By on Jun 6, 2012 in Politics | 0 comments

The MB are helping BURY the revolution. Rather than cooperate in forming a Civil Council – as we have been suggesting for more than a year and a half – they insist on playing SCAF’s game – which they simply CANNOT win. They’re simply too stupid and vain to see the obvious. The fact is that Shafiq has already got 25% – add to that the Amr Moussa votes, which Shafiq WILL get and Morsi will NOT – and that’s 36% – add to THAT – some of Hamdeen Sabbahi’s voting block – who didn’t like Moussa but also don’t want MB (whether Moussa or Aboul Fotouh) and you’ve got say, another 10% – that’s 45% – which makes it VERY, VERY EASY for SCAF to give Shafiq the 5-10% he’ll need to win. That’s not even mentioning the people who didn’t vote in the 1st round who will NOW go vote...

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