Was It a Mistake to Protest Against Morsi?

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On the 30th of June, 2013, we took to the streets to protest the rule of Dr. Mohamed Morsi, a member of the so-called Muslim Brotherhood, and then president of Egypt. We protested against him, and our reasons were as diverse as we ourselves were; some of us were with the revolution and against the Muslim Brotherhood, some of us were clearly Mubarak loyalists who salivated at the chance to depose the Brotherhood, and some of us had, ostensibly, gone down to protect their Egyptian ‘Identify’ from the Pseudo-Islamist fascism that we had all seen crystalized before our eyes in the mostly-Islamist parliament in which we had seen the face of so-called ‘Political Islam’. Since that day, since Morsi was removed, events have taken on their own momentum; the military exploited our protests just as it had exploited the revolution from the very start. The generals took control just as they had...

Le Morte d’Egypte

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Excuse the title. I like the Camelot myths. I’ve never read the original Malory though and wasn’t quite so interested in it when I was a child. The whole knight in shining armor thing never quite caught my fancy. However, I was lucky enough, years later, to run into The Sword in the Stone, T.H. White’s wonderful take on the Arthurian myths, in the first volume, we see a young Arthur, slowly becoming aware of what Merlin’s oblique lessons were forcing him to understand. It is a key moment, and here it is, brutally shortened, for your benefit. It’s still a bit long for an excerpt, but it’s important, and if you give me your attention for a few minutes, you’ll see why it’s so important that you get a feel for how it unfolds… “I have been thinking,” said Arthur, “about Might and Right. I don’t think things ought...

The Colors of Fascism

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You have to remember, fascism is not a specific color, but an attitude, and all colors, once they seek to impose themselves, can become fascist. This is why you have red fascists, and blue fascists, and green fascists, and purple fascists, and all other kinds, and this is why people get confused sometimes…think somebody is a friend when, in fact, they turn out to be an enemy. If you are red, and fighting green, all the red fascists come to your aid and call you heroes, but when you battle red fascism, suddenly you are called traitors. When you turn to fight off the red fascists, all the green fascists think themselves allies, they want to come to your aid! Surely you are part of their ‘green’ revolution! But you are no such thing, you are simply fighting off fascists of all colors, because, in the end, fascism deprives all colors of taste, whether you want to think of...

The Alternatives You Ignored

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A few points need to be made here. First of all, I find it at least a bit strange when people refer to me as part of a ‘you’ that they call the ‘opposition’ and then tell me that this ‘we’ was supposed to create a coalition, and that since we have ‘offered none’ – I therefore have no right to ‘complain’. I am a video producer, a photographer, a graphic designer, a writer, and a musician. I am not, nor have I ever been, a politician. If I protested, it was not for a political party or a political ideology, when I write, it’s not for a party or an ideology, and the only ‘entity’ with which I’ve had any kind of regular attachment is the No Military Trials for Civilians group, of whose work I am very proud and by whose other members I am constantly humbled. My interest in the revolution from Day 1 has...

Egypt : It’s a Matter of Opinion

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So, finally – when their lackluster attempts at reason fall apart, they tell you it’s just a difference of opinion, and that it’s okay to disagree. So yeah, it’s just ‘opinion’… Well – It’s my ‘opinion’ that the so-called Supreme Council of the Armed Forces hijacked the revolution with the aid of the Muslim brotherhood, to whom they handed power in order to be able to restore military rule with the blessing of the people. It’s my ‘opinion’ that the military and the police killed thousands and imprisoned tens of thousands and performed so-called ‘virginity tests’, akin to rape, on activists who participated in the revolution that the army claim to have ‘protected’. It’s my ‘opinion’ that the army insists on the power to try civilians in military courts, although...

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