Chinese Democracy : A Note To Fellow Axl Fans.

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I don’t know who you are – but thanks. I saw Gn’R in England – at Donnington – the Monsters of Rock festival back in 1988. I had been listening to Appetite for Destruction since early 1987. Before Gn’R – I just couldn’t listen to any band’s whole album. The occasional artist, here and there, now and then – would come up with something – often just one or two tracks at most, that I’d like. And I used to have tons and tons of compilation tapes that I’d made – to avoid listening to filler crap, and to avoid having to switch tapes 15 times an hour. Appetite changed all that. Unbelievably. Nobody got it. People looked at Gn’R – and looked at Axl – and unless they were fans, they just saw the hype. The clothes, the leather, the attitude, the ‘fuck this and fuck that’ image, and...

Axl Lives! Oh, Boy – Is He Back ;)

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Having resigned myself to being very, very, very, patient regarding the *cough* forthcoming release of the new Guns N’ Roses (Axl Rose & Co.) album – I haven’t been keeping up on the news. I just found out that a few tracks were … made available … online. And I’ve been listening. I’d heard a few before – from the live shows in 2002. Songs like “The Blues”, “Chinese Democracy”, etc…and although they sounded pretty good – they were live recordings, and the audio was kind of sucky. Admittedly, this didn’t stop me from listening to both tracks quite a few times. “SilkWorm” was also online, and suffered the most in a live setting. Sounded like it had to be done in a studio for anybody to make anything out of it. Fast-Forward to NOW. I’ve just heard ‘I.R.S.‘,...

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