Meeting Nasrallah

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There’s an interesting article by Assaf Kfoury on Counterpunch.com right here. Kfoury and Noam Chomsky went and met Nassrallah, and discussed a few issues at some length. Well worth reading.

In The First Person…

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Whao, Nelly… Okay, we’re on completely different planets, so let’s get a few things straight: 1. Regarding recent events and Hezbollah, the Lebanese are not guilty of anything. 2. Hezboloh need not be ‘expunged’ because they are Lebanese. They are not a ‘terrorist gang’ as John ‘Zionist’ Bolton claimed at the United Nations. They are a popular resistence movement, and have been fending off Zionist aggression for more than a decade, and are the only reason the so-called ‘State of Israel’ has NOT invaded Lebanon so far, despite constant air patrols, and their attempts to terrorize Lebanon into surrending some of it’s land and water. 3. Hezbollah are part of the Lebanese government, and represent anywhere between 20-40% of the ruling democracy. In fact, if anything, gung-ho statments about ‘following rats to...

Wonderfully Abusive, Ridiculously Undiplomatic, Hail George!

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And I’m not being sarcastic. Admittedly, George doesn’t go about it in what appears to be the most subtle way, and perhaps that might be less persuasive to those who might take offense, but if you can just get past that, and listen to what he’s saying, and actually process it instead of just reel back in shock, then you might start to understand why any demeanor less insulted would be too shameful to bear… And yes, that was a long sentence, I apologize for the lack of brevity. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=249JaIaubVw] Enjoy. You can watch it at YouTube.com right here.

Gibson This…

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“Meanwhile, the fuss about Gibson’s outburst has eclipsed less famous prophets, such as the Rev John Hagee. A Texan televangelist, Hagee recently told a meeting of Christian Zionists that the attacks on Lebanon are ‘a miracle of God’. Several senators attended his symposium, at which he received a personal message of praise from President Bush.” – Why are we crucifying Mel Gibson? Yup. Who’s paying attention?