Egypt: Links for the Perplexed

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Here are some completely biased articles, written by what must be a whole gaggle of Coptic Mubarak-Era Nazi’s, that attempt to explain and justify the incredibly complicated situation in Egypt, otherwise known to the layman as Egypt’s Military Coup. Enjoy. Murder on the Democracy Express – By Clifford D. May, President of, of all things, The Foundation for Defense of Democracies. In which he describes President Morsi as, essentially, democracidal. Here is a post written by some guy called Ian, Ian is a friend – and he had this to write: https://www.facebook.com/notes/omar-kamel/post-by-a-friend/10151738089594905 It’s an interesting post, and he makes a few good points, certainly, but, of course, he discredits himself absolutely by daring to utter what some of us only refer to as the ‘f’ bomb. Also, he is wrong about everything, I don’t...

The Crisis of Mind & Morality in Egypt

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The Great Divide Recent events in Egypt have led to deep intellectual and moral fractures; Egyptians are both shocked and offended at the way media is handling things, and the media is shocked, and by turns disgusted and simply dumbfounded by how Egyptians are seeing things. The divides have been brutal; creating what appears to be vast moral and intellectual divides between people who, just two weeks ago, had considered themselves aligned. There are several things to consider, so I will try to proceed in some rational order. The Democratic Coup Paradox or Ceci N’est Pas Un Coup This issue has received the greatest deal of attention both locally and internationally. There are some facts; Mohamed Morsi got 5.7 million votes in the first round of elections in 2012, a number far outsized by those who protested to remove him on the 30th of June, 2013 – and in the days leading up to...

E Pluribus, Pluribus – The Battle of Tahrir

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FIRST – A RECAP Today marks the 10th day since the official start of the second protest / demonstration / sleep-in / camp-out at Tahrir Square. To some of us, this round of protests started out about 19 days ago – on the 28th of June – when, under somewhat fuzzy circumstances, a battle erupted between the Central Security Forces and the protesters in Tahrir who were there in solidarity with some families of martyrs of the revolution. Battle in Tahrir With Interviews (This one’s only in Arabic, sorry…)I have not been there every single day, but I was there during the battle that started on the evening of June 28th and lasted well into the next day – despite a statement from the Minister of the Interior released at around 2am on the 29th claiming that he had ordered his forces to retreat in order to put an end to the fighting. On the ground, there was...

July 8 : Reclaiming the Revolution

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