The Crisis of Mind & Morality in Egypt

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The Great Divide Recent events in Egypt have led to deep intellectual and moral fractures; Egyptians are both shocked and offended at the way media is handling things, and the media is shocked, and by turns disgusted and simply dumbfounded by how Egyptians are seeing things. The divides have been brutal; creating what appears to be vast moral and intellectual divides between people who, just two weeks ago, had considered themselves aligned. There are several things to consider, so I will try to proceed in some rational order. The Democratic Coup Paradox or Ceci N’est Pas Un Coup This issue has received the greatest deal of attention both locally and internationally. There are some facts; Mohamed Morsi got 5.7 million votes in the first round of elections in 2012, a number far outsized by those who protested to remove him on the 30th of June, 2013 – and in the days leading up to...

Healthcare in Egypt: A Death Sentence

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The biggest problems we have in Egypt are healthcare and education, anybody who thinks otherwise is deluding themselves. My parents had a car accident on the agricultural road (near Tookh) in 1998. Even though the nearest hospital was only 2 kms away, it took 4 hours for an ambulance to show up and get them to it. The first moments are the most vital when handling injuries. The slow response time resulted in my fathers immediate death, and my mother slipped into an irreversible coma. When I got to the hospital and saw my mother, she had been placed in a hotel room that reminded me more of a jail cell; it was filthy and lacked all necessary equipment. This is the norm in Egypt, especially if you’re outside Cairo, and especially for the millions who cannot afford private hospitals – for most Egyptians, being admitted to a public hospital is, effectively, a death...

Awakening and then Revolution!

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To be clear, this is not a post about the past, it’s a post about the future. It’s a post about tomorrow. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (henceforth SCAF) is trying to impose a supposition; that the revolution happened and is done with – and that we are now suffering it’s consequences. The revolutionaries, on the other hand, are convinced that the Egyptian revolution continues and has not yet ended – because they are painfully aware, as are we all (whether or not we like it) that the regime that Egyptians went out to destroy still stands. My supposition is that the revolution has not yet begun.  What’s been happening in Egypt since January 25, 2011 and up to the present day is an awakening, no more and no less. It is because our slumber had been so long and so deep that our awakening was so jolting and abrupt and, so far, has cost many, many...

What’s Going on in Egypt?

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The army, as expected, are being motherfuckers. Some of us have been telling people that the army leadership is no good since March, but it took a while for the rest of the people to catch up to that, since they initially trusted the army. As their awareness increased, things escalated, and in November, the army attacked a small group of injured protesters who were sitting-in in Tahrir, their attack prompted everyone to go support them, leading to a 5 day long battle between us and the security forces. We lost tens of people, and about a couple of thousand got injured, around a hundred or so were shot in the eye. The police officers were clearly targeting eyes. One of our guys (Dr. Ahmed Harara) who had lost an eye on Jan28 lost another on Nov19. One eye lost to Mubarak, and another to the army generals. We’re also fairly certain that they’ve used gasses over than...

That Dangerous lil’ Beast Called Hope

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There once was a people, who looked at other people, and thought – oh, my god – I wouldn’t want that. They sent out a boat That sailed across the moat, Until, at last – They saw Their desti-nation. But there were other people, evil, nasty people, who sure as hell didn’t want THAT. ‘The Flotilla Song’ – Don’t Bother to Look It Up. I just made it up. Anyway – The Audacity of Hope was part of a flotilla going to Gaza with human aid. That it was also effectively challenging the Israeli Blockade of Gaza has certainly been a neat bonus. The Audacity of Hope is now in Greece because its Captain has been accused not only of leaving port without permission – but with – yes – get this – ‘endangering the lives of passengers’! You might as well arrest every cab driver in the world. Every single one of...

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