The Clinton Provides A Pass

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Despite the supposedly promising move of making George Mitchell the Middle East Envoy – it appears that any work he attempts will be under the glowering shadow of none other than second of the two infamous Clintons, good old Hillary. Consider if you will, the article at Reuters entitled “Clinton says Israel has the right to defend itself. ” This is not a novel or unique statement, and it is a factually redundant one given that any ‘nation’ (and I use the word here against my better judgment) legally has that right. In fact, the statement is old code, and what it means is this “That the USA will continue to support Israel no matter what Israel chooses to do and no matter what it becomes in the process. Israel has the USA-Backed MIGHT to do to the Palestinians whatever they goddamn please.” – so let’s not kid ourselves, that’s...

Open Letter To Barak Obama

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Mr. Obama, President Elect – you have won, and the people cheer – and in huge neon letters, or so the media would have us understand – the world itself now sees the words ‘Hope’, ‘Change’, ‘Obama’ all writ large pnto some bright fantastical chimera.  My skepticism is founded mainly on your foreign policies which, unfortunately, sound to me almost identical in attitude to the ones that have already cost America so much of its standing in the global community. The whole notion that unilateral actions are acceptable when America (and only America) chooses to act. The idea that America should play world leader, that somehow, America has been forced by virtue of some supposed superiority to police the rest of the world. That the injustices committed to some people are acceptable as long as they are perpetrated by ‘friends’ of...


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Hell is a darkness aborting the light and declaring itself to be true. It is cold and it is numb to the touch, and unyielding with certitude. It is a devouring un-tempered by kindness or grace, and it is absolute. Hell is the poverty of the slum in the City of Gold. It is the hunger and the plague in rapt unison with maligned might and counterfeit rights. It is born of puerile pride and nurtured on vanity and a choice not to understand. It is empathy murdered and sympathy derided, it is suffering unconsidered and a man unconcerned.  It is a mother no longer taking care of her child. Hell is a loneliness born of betrayal and fathered by distrust. It is a withdrawal of the light affected through sorrow and pain. It is a grief overcome by sadness and unshed tears.  It is a wounded infant unfamiliar with because. 

Good Night & Good Luck This Ain’t : ABC News…

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As usual, the local satellite channel MBC 4 continues to broadcast ABC News – featuring the effervescent Katie ‘Da Man’ Couric. Joy. Well, first of all – we’d all like to remind Katie that, generally speaking, ‘magnate’ is not best pronounced the same way you’d pronounce ‘magnet’… Moving on… Good Ole Katie, rather than actually do some research and find out some real hard data regarding whether things in Iraq are ‘getting better’ by checking indicators – such as crime rates, mortality rates, the quality of water, the availability of clean water and medicine, etc…Katie quotes polls conducted in America. She quotes the polls as indicating that the US military ‘surge’ have ‘improved conditions in Iraq’ and that despite those polls, two thirds of Americans still think the...


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Having pointed out the true story behind the web of lies portrayed in Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan to somebody – I was taken aback by the response. The person I pointed things out to asked my why I would do such a thing to start with. Why, he asked, would I do such a thing? And, he continued, “its like you want to crush everything i like. And find something wrong in everything…seems like you have a bit of a pessimistic outlook on the world. The glass is half empty. And you seem to miss the good.” My god… It’s got nothing to do with ‘crushing’ what you like. I was looking through your profile to get a better idea of who I’m talking to. When I saw that Saving Private Ryan was one of your favorite movies – I felt I needed to make you realize the truth about it. If hoping to open your eyes to something you may not know is...

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