Over 25 Million Voters – Mostly Invisible!

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Even before the 1st round of the so-called Egyptian Presidential Elections, many (myself included) had called for a boycott, many others called for invalidating ballots. However, because many voters, including most revolutionaries found at least one candidate they believed in, many did in fact go and vote. Hamdeen had genuine fans, as did Aboul Fotouh, etc. This reality changed dramatically with the 2nd round of elections as many people, disillusioned with the results of the 1st round quickly joined the ranks of those calling for a boycott, many simply didn’t like the results, which left them forced to choose between handing Egypt over to the Muslim Brotherhood, or effectively betraying the revolution entirely and surrendering the country back to the old regime, represented by Ahmed Shafiq. So the call for the boycott grew, not only that, but many citizens, despite not formally...

Blame The Brotherhood

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There’s a storm brewing across Egypt. The last scene of the first Act is coming to bear on us, and the actors are mostly in place, and the lines are getting drawn, sharper each day. There’s a storm brewing, and it’s a doozy. On their part, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces henceforth know as ‘SCUM’ (Yes, I know it’s not an acronym, and no, I don’t care…) have got their Mubarak replacement puppet all propped up. Shafiq is own homegrown George W. Bush. He re-writes the very foundations of both semantics and syntax as he speaks, and he is equally dismissive of the great responsibility he claims to be fit to bear. Dutifuly, he is the ultimate anti-revolutionary; he is stupid, he stammers, all he can do is speak, and he speaks badly, he promises stability while around him, his own HQ’s are set to flame, and he is hounded by...

The Brotherhood Just Can’t Win

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The MB are helping BURY the revolution. Rather than cooperate in forming a Civil Council – as we have been suggesting for more than a year and a half – they insist on playing SCAF’s game – which they simply CANNOT win. They’re simply too stupid and vain to see the obvious. The fact is that Shafiq has already got 25% – add to that the Amr Moussa votes, which Shafiq WILL get and Morsi will NOT – and that’s 36% – add to THAT – some of Hamdeen Sabbahi’s voting block – who didn’t like Moussa but also don’t want MB (whether Moussa or Aboul Fotouh) and you’ve got say, another 10% – that’s 45% – which makes it VERY, VERY EASY for SCAF to give Shafiq the 5-10% he’ll need to win. That’s not even mentioning the people who didn’t vote in the 1st round who will NOW go vote...

Stunned By Shafiq? Really?

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I’m in AWE of so-called revolutionaries who are ‘stunned’ by Shafiq’s ‘sudden’ rise. The regime that regularly gave Mubarak 99.9% of the votes would have absolutely NO trouble giving Shafiq a measly 25% of the votes. Especially since they don’t need to give him all the 25% – I’m sure basic fear and ignorance and the gun held to the public’s face by SCAF helped him get a few – as did the basic feloul-ness of many of our families and friends – let’s say that got him 10-15% – what about the rest? We all know the cases filed against his campaign alleging CSF and Police were given multiple ID’s to vote for him, we also know that he violated ‘electoral silence’ BLATANTLY by publishing ads after the silence was imposed. We also know that his campaign spent FAR more than the 10 million L.E. he...

We Actually Won The Elections! Time to Act!

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And now, after most of the polling results are in, a few things are clear: First – I do not consider the elections a final battle that the revolution has lost, but an opinion poll that the revolution has won. Let me explain: First – the biggest loser in these polls was the Military Council – whose candidate (Shafiq) could barely get 25% of the votes – despite the massive support he was lent by SCAF, the massive amounts of money spent on his campaign, and the alleged thousands of cars that ferried his (paid?) supporters back and forth to the polling stations. Also – he was pelted with shoes. Second – the political Islamists (Aboul Fotouh & Morsi) have clearly lost much of their support, and they are losing political credit day by day, and must come around to re-embracing their now estranged political neighbors with whom they have not stood since...

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