Pope – A Bit More…

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You might find this to be of interest.

The Great Space Jack-Off…

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When I was twelve years old I wanted nothing more than to be an astronaut. To travel to space, and to see the planet of my birth from a distance. To go boldly where, well…a few had gone before. When the space shuttle first launched into space, in 1981, I hassled my father until he agreed to let me call the international line NASA had set up, so I could hear the transmissions going back and forth between the astronauts and NASA HQ. Despite hearing absolutely nothing of any consequence whatsoever, and despite a phone bill that my father certainly regretted, I was thrilled. It was, in a word, exciting. Yes, when I was twelve. Luckily, since then – I have grown up. Dennis Tito, Mark Shuttleworth, Gregory Olsen, and now Anousheh Ansari. What do they have in common? Well, they are the space tourists, people so caught up in their own little multi-millionaire bubbles that they are...

Bush Assassination : Watch The Film!

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“Set in October 2007, the 90-minute drama uses a mix of archive footage, computer generated imagery and documentary techniques to portray Bush’s assassination and America’s reaction to it. Death of a President, which will also headline the Toronto film festival, will be seen first in this country on sister channel More 4 before being repeated on the main channel.” Yup. Read the rest right here.

Media Warp 10

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I just had a flip through a few channels, and I committed upon myself the misfortune of choosing to watch some BBC. They had a short art documentary on, about Zionist artists, whom they spoke of as belonging to something called an ‘Israel’. In any case, and more to the point… First, they showcased a photographer who got off on photographing ‘homo-erotic’ half nude IDF soldiers in explicitly playful and non-combative situations. Then they interviewed a painter who said something to the effect that the WALL was useless, and another, who while speculating on the meaning of a painting depicting two men in an airplane said (my italics) “maybe they are two Jews going back to Europe.” They also talked to an artist who had moved to New York, and who, in a rather thick, quite un-newyorkian accent, claimed that she had been in NY so long it was now a...

Gibson This…

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“Meanwhile, the fuss about Gibson’s outburst has eclipsed less famous prophets, such as the Rev John Hagee. A Texan televangelist, Hagee recently told a meeting of Christian Zionists that the attacks on Lebanon are ‘a miracle of God’. Several senators attended his symposium, at which he received a personal message of praise from President Bush.” – Why are we crucifying Mel Gibson? Yup. Who’s paying attention?

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