Bonfire of the Vanities

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Shenanigans. We are witnessing shenanigans, tomfoolery, and much clownish ness. Also, a good deal of buffoonery, poppycock, and a wide whisk of whimsical witlessness all marked as balderdash. Getting the picture? A fantastically bad movie was made. It may have been made so badly for nefarious purposes, or possibly by a creator who really is that bad, that stupid, and that impervious to both taste and reason. Whichever. And yes, Muslims are nuts – but so is everybody else on this planet who chooses to maintain unprovable beliefs. You are all…technically…insane. I mean it; ask a Vulcan. He’ll fill you in. Is it stupid to draw attention to a movie that you think is bad or insulting? No, of course not – on principle it is the only wise choice of action. Is it useful to do so? No. Not at all. The Sex Pistols were made when their song ‘God Save The...

From Ali G. To Borat – It’s STILL Not Funny…

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I first saw an Ali G. show years ago. I laughed. I didn’t laugh much, but I did laugh once, as I ‘got’ the joke, and then something spectacularly simple happened; I no longer found it funny. Sacha Baron Cohen was, and continues to be, a one trick pony; 1 ) lie to people, 2) subject them to a false premise conducted by somebody pretending to be even more stupid than he really is, and 3) watch them get initially frustrated by the sheer idiocy put on display, before 4) they finally grow annoyed as they realize that this is nothing but a cheap offensive waste of their time. That was Ali G then, and that, today, is Borat. Needless to say, since Sacha is such a one trick pony, he can never quite play the same place twice, such is notoriety. Thus, having pretty much beaten a dead horse to shreds across the ocean, he now comes to Amerika – where the audience has not yet...


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[after playing out all possible outcomes for Global Thermonuclear War] Joshua: Greetings, Professor Falken.Stephen Falken: Hello, Joshua.Joshua: A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess? Strangely powerful movie, having just re-watched it. It’s lost none of the power it had when I was a teenager and saw it for the first time. Granted, it was cheesier in retrospect, but the main idea is both powerful and on the dot, and the main sequence at the very end – when Joshua is going through all the possible scenarios is heart wrenching when considered in context. I wonder if this is what Gardner might have meant by moral fiction?...

Bush Assassination : Watch The Film!

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“Set in October 2007, the 90-minute drama uses a mix of archive footage, computer generated imagery and documentary techniques to portray Bush’s assassination and America’s reaction to it. Death of a President, which will also headline the Toronto film festival, will be seen first in this country on sister channel More 4 before being repeated on the main channel.” Yup. Read the rest right here.


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My name is interdict. I bask in the radiance of custom, and I cloth myself in the cloak of tradition. I am a headache short of a full-blown migraine. I am a sword’s sheath, although sometimes others might look at me and see only a prophylactic. I call myself inoculation, but they call me spermicidal. Some rise to my defense; the good ones, those who understand piety, and perhaps even, those who have been led to identification with despair. It is I that comes across the dangerous gnosis, and it is I who protects the meandering masses from its perils. I take upon myself the cross of decadence and lust. I am the last bastion of an endangered cleanliness, one worthy only of the very best detergent advertisements. I am unchanging and unyielding. Like the last remaining hexagram of an I-King destroyed, I am a token of that which has yielded. Yielded, and yielded once again – a...

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