Why You Are Crazy – The David Irving Cartoon Court.

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Okay, just for starters – this is a clear example of why you are crazy. So, British Historian David Irving gets sentenced to 3 years of jail for (let’s see if we can make this sound like…child rape…) ‘Holocaust Denial’ – yes. This is just plainly confusing. Let’s go over this bit by bit… If you deny the existence of God, nobody really seems to mind – they call you an atheist, and really – it’s not the kind of thing that’ll get you on TV, for instance – unless you’re a publicity seeking theocracy-inhabiting pseudo-intellectual who thinks religious issues are something you make a career out of… If you deny the existence of say, the Sun – well, people will just look at you kind of funny, and maybe, with any luck – you can turn your perception of the situation into a sci-fi novel, or...

Another Sane Voice About The Cartoon Mess…

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The cartoons: Actually, we know what this is about – Editorials & Commentary – International Herald Tribune Yup.

These cartoons don’t defend free speech, they threaten it – Sunday Times – Times Online

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These cartoons don’t defend free speech, they threaten it – Sunday Times – Times Online: Read it. I haven’t had the time nor the inclination to write about this – but this is the closest to a sane viewpoint you’re likely to read.


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My name is interdict. I bask in the radiance of custom, and I cloth myself in the cloak of tradition. I am a headache short of a full-blown migraine. I am a sword’s sheath, although sometimes others might look at me and see only a prophylactic. I call myself inoculation, but they call me spermicidal. Some rise to my defense; the good ones, those who understand piety, and perhaps even, those who have been led to identification with despair. It is I that comes across the dangerous gnosis, and it is I who protects the meandering masses from its perils. I take upon myself the cross of decadence and lust. I am the last bastion of an endangered cleanliness, one worthy only of the very best detergent advertisements. I am unchanging and unyielding. Like the last remaining hexagram of an I-King destroyed, I am a token of that which has yielded. Yielded, and yielded once again – a...

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