Another Sane Voice About The Cartoon Mess…

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The cartoons: Actually, we know what this is about – Editorials & Commentary – International Herald Tribune Yup.

These cartoons don’t defend free speech, they threaten it – Sunday Times – Times Online

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These cartoons don’t defend free speech, they threaten it – Sunday Times – Times Online: Read it. I haven’t had the time nor the inclination to write about this – but this is the closest to a sane viewpoint you’re likely to read.


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My name is interdict. I bask in the radiance of custom, and I cloth myself in the cloak of tradition. I am a headache short of a full-blown migraine. I am a sword’s sheath, although sometimes others might look at me and see only a prophylactic. I call myself inoculation, but they call me spermicidal. Some rise to my defense; the good ones, those who understand piety, and perhaps even, those who have been led to identification with despair. It is I that comes across the dangerous gnosis, and it is I who protects the meandering masses from its perils. I take upon myself the cross of decadence and lust. I am the last bastion of an endangered cleanliness, one worthy only of the very best detergent advertisements. I am unchanging and unyielding. Like the last remaining hexagram of an I-King destroyed, I am a token of that which has yielded. Yielded, and yielded once again – a...

Potter, My Ass. Watch The Ring Trilogy!

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Forget Harry Potter. Harry Potter has always seemed like a complete rip-off of the Books of Magic by Neil Gaiman & John Ney Reiber. I am not qualified to make such a statement since I haven’t read the Potter books, but the main character, as well as the basic premise of the series does seem like a Gaiman/Reiber-Lite. Something I simply can’t get excited about. However, I didn’t log on to throw pies at people. I was Hobbit-Searching 😉 And I have Hobbit-found! Go to the official Lords of The Rings movie web site and feed yourselves on the trailer. It’s available in several sizes and resolutions, if you have the bandwidth, go for the full screen version. It looks absolutely stunning. I first read the books years ago. Went straight from Hobbit to the Rings Trilogy. Devoured the damn thing. Gandalf is easily a mythical figure, and goes through an amazing...

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