July 26th, 2013: Let’s Go Crazy

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I’ve been trying to talk sanity for the last few days. People don’t want to hear it. You’re either pro-military or pro-terrorism, you’re either an ikhwan or a lover of Egypt (and when they say Egypt they mean the military, and when they mean the military they forget all the betrayals) – we open the doors of one cage, and they run scurrying to the next cage. I haven’t turned on the TV today, and I slept most of it away, I don’t want to see the pictures. I don’t want to see the numbers of people who came out today, don’t want to understand just how many people are willing to see a Maspero all over again, but this time, with popular cheering and applause. I know that there ARE terrorists out there, I am not afraid of the word, and I define it simply as those who would threaten or murder civilians for political gain. It’s not a...

Who Are We Kidding With These Elections?

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  The elections are a complete farce. Nothing about this is legitimate. SCAF derive their legitimacy from Mubarak, who was deposed and had no legitimacy to confer on anybody, and then they augment their so-called legitimacy through the use of the 2011 referendum, which wasn’t about their legitimacy to start with, then they release a constitutional declaration that includes more than 50 articles that nobody had ever seen before, and didn’t vote on. It is on this flimsy basis, that we got a parliament elected in, despite the fact that it’s very existence defies a couple of laws. NOW – SCAF plan to ‘amend’ the constitutional declaration TWO days before presidential elections, which they legally cannot even do without holding another referendum, which means that either the changes are even more illegitimate than the declaration they’re meant...

A Light @ The End of The Tunnel?

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It’s been up and down, and brutal sometimes, and we’ve all found ourselves asking the same question I was asked today by a friend; whose side is the army really on? And just by answering off the cuff, I seem to have formulated some kind of view – and here it is: Army isn’t on OUR side or HIS side, army is on ITS side – or the Supreme Military Council is, at any rate. So sure, they’re his old time buddies, but they’ll sell him out as much as they need to in order to protect themselves from US, meanwhile, they’ll clamp down on US as much and as often as they CAN, in order to AGAIN – protect themselves. You’re confused cause you’re asking WHO are they with? And forgetting the obvious answer: Themselves. It was confusing at first, cause they didn’t HAVE to screw Mubarak and his people too badly, it seemed they could...

What Happened April 8/9 in Tahrir

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The choice to commit to a sit-in was not much of a choice. When the dissenting army officers came to Tahrir, their fates were pretty much sealed, and we knew that if they went home, they would pretty much be dead. So whether or not we ‘wanted’ to spend the night in Tahrir, we pretty much realized we had to. The officers had basically thrust their neck out and unless we were there with them, we might as well have hung them dead ourselves. So we decided to stay. At the end of the night there were around 2000 of us at the most, I figure. Unfortunately, our numbers had been dented by the fact that some protesters decided to go protest at the Israeli embassy. I UNDERSTAND why they wanted to do so – because, on principle I agree with them completely – however, KNOWING that the army officers were in Tahrir and that things could escalate, I tweeted some of the embassy...

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