Stunned By Shafiq? Really?

I’m in AWE of so-called revolutionaries who are ‘stunned’ by Shafiq’s ‘sudden’ rise.

The regime that regularly gave Mubarak 99.9% of the votes would have absolutely NO trouble giving Shafiq a measly 25% of the votes. Especially since they don’t need to give him all the 25% –

I’m sure basic fear and ignorance and the gun held to the public’s face by SCAF helped him get a few – as did the basic feloul-ness of many of our families and friends – let’s say that got him 10-15% – what about the rest?

We all know the cases filed against his campaign alleging CSF and Police were given multiple ID’s to vote for him, we also know that he violated ‘electoral silence’ BLATANTLY by publishing ads after the silence was imposed.

We also know that his campaign spent FAR more than the 10 million L.E. he was allowed to spend.

We also have Jimmy Carter, who said yesterday in his lecture at the Opera that:

1. They faced more restrictions on their monitoring than they had in over 90 other elections over the last 20 years all around the world, and…

2. That the SPEC in Egypt has more power than similar committees have ANYWHERE in the WORLD, and…

3. That his centre couldn’t even file a comprehensive report since they were only allowed to visit some places and not others.

and a few other things that should give everyone pause…

Then we actually act stunned and wonder HOW Shafiq got 25% of the ‘votes’?


Revolutionaries, my ass. Have you forgotten who you’re fighting?

Once upon a time, a woman was picking up firewood. She came upon a poisonous snake frozen in the snow. She took the snake home and nursed it back to health. One day the snake bit her on the cheek. As she lay dying, she asked the snake, “Why have you done this to me?” And the snake answered, “Look bitch, you knew I was a snake.” – Natural Born Killers

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    Brilliant quote at the end! I am not sure whom you’re referring to… personally, it’s pretty descriptive of and befitting the MB!

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