This is the text of an email I just sent to Al-Jazeera while reading the article mentioned in the previous post. The message is important enough, and it’s an issue I just haven’t got around to discussing here. So here it goes…

Al-Jazeera Editors,

Hi, I ran into the poll on your website called ‘Is Israeli action in Gaza an overreaction?’ – and I am very saddened to see that your editors have allowed themselves to get distracted by such a question.

The issue at hand is not whether ‘Israel’ is overreacting. This question IMPLIES that ‘Israel’ is right in ESSENCE, but might simply be guilty of being HARSH. Using terminology like this, as Western Media has been using removes the focus from how WRONG the Zionists are, how INJUST the actions are, and wonders only if it is ‘heavy-handed’ – An idiotic attitude, shared by many, and that leads only to the victim asking for compassion from his rapist.

Please consider this point. I write to you in earnest.

Thank you for your time.

All things considered, the word ‘idiotic’ might not have been helpful.

So much for diplomacy.