Removal of American News Programming From MBC TV

We the undersigned viewers of MBC in the Middle East abhor the constant broadcast of American produced news on an Arab TV Channel, and find that it as not much more than thinly veiled propaganda for what can only be considered a Western view point of current events.

We do not accept the flimsy disclaimer that MBC 4, for example, has chosen to hide behind stating that American news broadcasts on the channel do not reflect the channel’s own opinions.

The size of the tiny disclaimer insults our intelligence, and it’s very existence offends our sensibilities, and we hereby assert that aside from insulting mature viewers, these broadcasts are conditioning our children and youth towards a view of reality to which we do not subscribe.

We believe that by constantly and repeatedly broadcasting these views MBC 4 is, in action, if not by word, committing itself to an alliance with those views that it it uselessly tries to disassociate itself from, and demand that the directors at MBC either:

  1. Completely cease to broadcast news items, or
  2. Broadcast only news shows for which it can proudly claim both association and/or sponsorship.

We believe that refusal to do so constitutes a disloyalty to the main audience and demographic of MBC and that the continuation of their current news broadcasting is an insult to every Arab or Middle Eastern individual who does not agree with the Western view regarding both global and local events.

We expect change, and we expect it now.


The Undersigned

Please click here to sign the petition, if you think any of your friends or family would agree, please forward it to them as well.

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