You have to believe it’s possible, that’s it not too late.

: I mean it.

: As much as I *know* it’s going to happen, I also know it can be stopped.

: It just takes people. People thinking, talking, people rejecting it, people denying that this is what they are, that this is what they do.

: People refusing to accept the double talk when all it means is murder. Murder. Murder.

: And if a 16 year old kid in Arizona isn’t giving up, if another 16 year old in Australia understands…

: Then there’s hope.

: No?

: More people.

: You know – the ISM?

: Heard of them? They’re called the International Solidarity Movement.

: They’re just a bunch of people, I’ve met some of them.

: They’re good folk.

: They went to / go to – Palestinian areas – and sleep at random homes – knowing, that when there’s enough of them – the Israeli’s are less likely to bomb the fucking area…

: Cause then they’d kill Italians, British, American folk – and then they’d have to explain.

: Some – are now – I’ve heard – going to Iraq – it breaks my heart to think of them.

: They’re worse off than the victims – because they feel the guilt of their governments actions, the arrogance of their ignorant populations.

: And they’re going to Baghdad – hoping, against all reason – that if enough Americans/Italians/Uk’ers – are in Baghdad – that the bombs might be less likely to drop.

: It’s not because they think they’ll succeed….it’s because the alternative is horror.

: So is it possible? Yes. Barely. It *can* be averted.

: I imagine – if 100,000 internationals – went to Baghdad – there’s no way the bombs would drop. No way.

: They can pretend to explain away Iraqi lives, as they do with Palestinian lives – but they know they can’t get away with other stuff. They understand that racism, although not talked about too often as a GLOBAL phenomena – is still there.

[at this moment, she typed “jesus…” – and I could only think of Bethlehem, the Church of the Nativity, an area under seige as America shops unwraps it’s xmass presents]

: Jesus, yes. Sorry – you’re probably hurting now. So am I, if that helps at all.

: Just thinking this, writing it – I’m in tears.

[“me too, ” she says “just reading it” – I say sorry – “no apology needed”]

: Do what you can, I’ll stop at that.

: Fuck…

: Man, this could be a beautiful planet. A beautiful fucking planet.

[“I know..” She says]

Do what you can.