What’s Next for Egypt?

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It’s hard to know what’s going on in Egypt unless you’ve been keeping track…. Here’s a quick recap: The man in the military uniform is El-Sisi, he’s the boss. The bearded guys, at least most of them, are with Morsi, he was president for a year, he’s in prison now, people hated his guts. See those guys? The big bunch? El-Sisi promised them a handover to democracy, with a new constitution, etc. Oh, the man with the gun? He’s Mohamed Ibrahim, he’s the cop. He does the dirty work. Oh, those guys? They’re getting beaten up. Well, those ones had balloons, and the other bunch were protesting military trials. Oh, students got killed. The police guy said their heads spontaneously exploded, but the other students say the cops killed them. They were protesting, either against the regime, or against the regime’s outlawing of their...

English Translation of El-Sisi’s Alleged Leak

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Yesterday, this video came out on YouTube, posted by the now mostly defunct Freedom & Justice Party, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s supposedly a leaked (and unused) portion of an interview previously conducted with Minister of Defense Abdel Fattah El Sisi. It’s been making the rounds for two reasons; first it appears, that like the MB members at Rabaa, he puts quite a bit of stock in ‘dream visions’ and the other is that it appears to show that he does, indeed, have presidential ambitions. Here is a transcript of the video, translated into English: Interviewer: Had you expected to take on the leadership of the Egyptian Army? El-Sisi: The leadership of the Egyptian army, or something greater than that? Interviewer: Fullstop. El-Sisi: I am of the people who’ve had a long history of visions. This is only for you. Interviewer: Okay,...

Military Trials: A Constitutional Overview

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This is a quick survey of what some constitutions have to say about Military Trials (or the lack of them) – the basis for selection of these 10 countries is very simple; they are the ten highest rated for standard of living.   1. Norway Article 96. No one may be convicted except according to law, or be punished except after a court judgment. Interrogation by torture must not take place. Article 99. No one may be taken into custody except in the cases determined by law and in the manner prescribed by law. For unwarranted arrest, or illegal detention, the officer concerned is accountable to the person imprisoned. The Government is not entitled to employ military force against citizens of the State, except in accordance with the forms prescribed by law, unless any assembly disturbs the public peace and does not immediately disperse after the Articles of the Statute Book relating to riots...

Egypt: A Sampling of Cognitive Biases

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The conversation going on right now in Egypt, whether it’s on twitter, or in a cab, or on a supposedly well-respected television show – has mostly been bereft of all logic and reason. I really can’t be bothered to go through all the cognitive biases that people commonly succumb to (and that our media lately has been almost relying on), but this is a short sample of some biases, with brief introductions taken mostly from Wikipedia, and with each one, I’ve tried to attach examples that are, let’s say, a bit more…local. Enjoy. This is not comprehensive, and certainly not exhaustive, and my examples might certainly exhibit some of the biases I’m warning people about, but then again, that is the Blind Spot Bias… Please Note: These biases obviously exist in all people world-wide, the main object of this exercise is to see how strong a part they play in some of the conversations...

Not Exactly ‘Two’ Sides in Egypt

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