Our Faith in Humanity

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We talk about losing faith in humanity, because we see and do terrible things. But think of what that means. What are we comparing humanity to, in order to be disappointed? Are we comparing it to the rest of the animal kingdom? For those of us that do, humanity will almost always be morally wanting, although creatively fascinating. But what else are we referring to? We are not referring to another race, not from this planet or another one, we are not referring to benevolent all-powerful aliens that we know to be better creatures, and if so, why would we be using the word ‘humanity’? The words get conflated, the meaning behind the disappointment obscured, we use ‘human’ to mean ‘humane’ and we use humanity not to represent the sum total of the homo sapiens gene pool, which is, really, all we are – but to represent what we think we should be,...

Egypt: The Choices We Make

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Perhaps one of the biggest changes we’ll all felt since Jan 25, 2011 is – the euphoria, and the burden of – choice. Will you go down? What for? Will you risk your life? On which issues? What is the best choice today? What will it lead to tomorrow? Is this what I want to do? What kind of president do I want? What kind of constitution? Yet – in retrospect, and to some along the way – it seems like we’ve had no choices at all – A referendum in March 2011, which asked, or so the Military Council and the Media, and the Islamists would have had you believe – whether you wanted us to proceed according to ‘a’ plan, or whether you wanted CHAOS. So Egyptians chose…you know, the non-chaos option. Then we had elections. Humdrum. Okay. Arguably, even the Morsi win could be attributed to a choice towards stability. Everybody knew that all hell would break loose if Mubarak-Regime Candidate Ahmed...

Egypt: Story Arcs

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Obligatory recap It’s difficult to know how far back to go – but let’s just say this; it’s January 2014, the Post-Morsi constitution has passed, with a (ridiculously) high approval, but a relatively low turnout. Now a Field Marshall (just promoted a few days ago, and active today), El-Sisi, the man who was instrumental in removing Morsi from power on July 3rd, is expected to become the new president. Plot Points To Consider El-Sisi had initially stated that there would be no military candidate, and that having one would imply that the army had performed the coup for personal interests, and not as a means for fulfilling the popular demands of June 30th. Despite having obtained a popular mandate on July 26th to wipe out terrorism, Egyptian today feel less secure than they ever have since the revolution began. It has not been reassuring for them to see that the response of the security...

Another Look at the Referendum Results…

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Although, ostensibly, you could vote Yes or No – in reality the No vote was never presented (or explained) as an option. Everybody knew what would happen with a Yes vote; the constitution would pass, and we’d move along, etc – but nobody ever bothered to investigate or discuss what a No vote would entail. Would the whole constitution be re-written? Would only certain articles be written?

Quick Review of The Square

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Please note that in writing this, I’m completely ignoring whether or not I know any of the people featured in, or involved in, The Square – Not that I’m really saying anything bad, just that my focus of attention is unguided by affiliation 🙂 There’re problems with The Square – some factual; some footage from April ’11 is shown for events happening in March ’11, and a SCAF-rule torture video is shown as Mubarak-era..etc.. Also, based on feedback from @Egyptocracy on Twitter, some scenes from The Square make no sense without contextual information which isn’t provided. I hadn’t noticed this myself  since I’m well aware of the context in which the events took place, and just saw what I knew. The example she provided was when Ahmed was washing his face with Coca-Cola. If you’ve been tear gassed in Egypt, you’d know...

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