Fuck You, Mr. Bush.

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Mr. George Bush keeps making statements that prove that he has little grasp of the Middle East situation, and even less grasp of both language and reason. He errantly calls the latest suicide bomber – a ‘cold blooded murderer’, a ‘killer’. First – a man who chooses to take his own life – is not, by any means, ‘cold blooded’. This man is so impassioned that he is willing to sacrifice his own life. Read that again. These are men, sometimes women, who are willing to sacrifice their own lives. Make no mistake – there is nothing ‘cold blooded’ about these bombings. Nothing. As for killer? Before his willingness to kill, there is a willingness to die, a willingness to risk capture and torture at the hands of the Israeli occupying forces. A killer? Yes, he is a killer, certainly – but he is also a man who realizes...

Go Back Home, White Man: Or – Yes, I’m feeling xenonauseous today.

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There’s something wrong with the news, and I haven’t even been watching CNN lately, just the BBC, which – is, yes – marginally better. But still…hell. Alright – so this woman in Nigeria – apparently she’s getting stoned for adultery. The program, of course, introduces this as a barbaric concept and attaches this barbaric perception, by association, with Shar’ia Law, naturally attaching that to Islam. WE INTERRUPT YOUR PROGRAMMING FOR A QUICK RELIGIOUS PARLOR TRICK! Is·lam (s-läm, z-, släm, z-) n. A monotheistic religion characterized by the acceptance of the doctrine of submission to God and to Jesus Christ. The people or nations that practice Islam; the Muslim world. The civilization developed by the Muslim world....

God, I love Harper’s Magazine…

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If you haven’t been there, it’s about time. You can find them at Harper’s Magazine, and if you haven’t been, well…go. Bookmark the weekly review. Go there. Every week. Once. Read it. In this weeks reviews: “President Bush tried to get Stevie Wonder’s attention by smiling and waving at him.” Amen.


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My name is interdict. I bask in the radiance of custom, and I cloth myself in the cloak of tradition. I am a headache short of a full-blown migraine. I am a sword’s sheath, although sometimes others might look at me and see only a prophylactic. I call myself inoculation, but they call me spermicidal. Some rise to my defense; the good ones, those who understand piety, and perhaps even, those who have been led to identification with despair. It is I that comes across the dangerous gnosis, and it is I who protects the meandering masses from its perils. I take upon myself the cross of decadence and lust. I am the last bastion of an endangered cleanliness, one worthy only of the very best detergent advertisements. I am unchanging and unyielding. Like the last remaining hexagram of an I-King destroyed, I am a token of that which has yielded. Yielded, and yielded once again – a...


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Some days I am pantheistic and sophist. I believe not in truth, but in quality, not in the true, but in the good. That we are all alive, that we are all one life, that the universe is breathing, and that we are it’s breath. That there is no history, no past, no future. Nothing but one giant living organism, of which we are part. An organism that is not facist, that changes, that makes place for what is good. On those days, I believe in the good. On other days, things are more difficult, and I become a gnostic. I know what I know. And what I think does not matter. And what I know is that there are two gods, that is the only explanation. There cannot be only one. Because there is a lot of pain, and a lot of hurt, and this world is not perfect, and the god who created it cannot be perfect, cannot be this cruel. Cannot have caused all this pain. All this famine. All this war and...

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