Ligabue : .

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“Non si può sempre perdere per cui giochiamoci certe luci non puoi spegnerle. Se è un purgatorio è nostro perlomeno.” – ‘Urlando Contro il Cielo’, Ligabue “You can’t always lose, that’s why we play, you can’t extinguish certain lights. If it’s a purgatory, at least it’s ours.” – “Shouting At The Sky”, by Ligabue Well, yeah – for what it’s worth 😉

Bits & Pieces : .

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From “Brainwashing in the United States” by Ann Pettifer, published in Counter Punch : “Primo Levi did not think the Jewish catastrophe should be used to justify “what he regarded as Israeli tribalist and aggressive actions in the name of a sacred history of unique suffering.” Laqueur, (who is also Jewish) writes that the Israeli invasion (under Ariel Sharon) of Lebanon in 1982 greatly disturbed Primo Levi, “and on the eve of a trip back to Auschwitz, Levi signed a petition, together with other Jewish intellectuals, calling for the withdrawal of Israeli troops and recognition of the rights of all peoples in the region. ‘Everyone is someone’s Jew‘ he was quoted as saying in an interview ‘and today the Palestinians are the Jews of the Israelis.'”” From Harper’s Weekly Review, October 1st, 2002, and in reference...

What Really Happened In 9/11!

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Well, most Americans will tell you that a group of Islamic Terrorists hijacked American Planes. That some of the hijackers succeeded in guiding the planes into the World Trade Center in New York. That on that fateful day, America became a victim. What do most Americans – if I am to believe the media, say? One thing, in a loud, clear chorus. The call behind which the American President George W. Bush has riled a nation. A nationalism. “We, ” the Americans say, “Will Never Forget.” I wonder if the Chileans ever did. ‘9/11‘ means one thing to Americans now, one thing. If the media succeeds, then ‘9/11’ – will mean just one thing to the whole international community; The day America went rabid. The Jews had a holocaust and from it the Zionists forged the Colonialist Military Occupation known as Israel. The Bush Administration is...

Mandela Might Be 84…

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But the man’s got a brain. Will The Bush listen to anybody? Probably not. In any case, Thank you Mr. Mandela.

I’ve been too damn busy…

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But I keep the news on, and while I’m working on stuff, I listen. A couple of days ago, white house lawyers declared, stated, and just plain SAID – that my favorite Bush of them all can go to war without the approval of congress, or rather – without the re-approval of congress, since The Bush obviously thinks the approval his father got the first time around is still in effect. This is like a friend telling you they ‘might’ not be able to make it tonight when he calls sometime during the day. It’s a pre-emptive public-opinion strike. A strike that can only indicate that The Bush and His Crew do not think congress is very hot about attacking Iraq. For a start, even the usually wussy-pussy Arab Leaders (they who, naturally, serve nothing save my interests…) don’t think it’s a good idea. In fact, they don’t like the whole notion...

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