Nasrallah’s Interview on Jazeera…

I was trying to locate this online, I’ve finally found a web link that has more of the interview than I’ve found anywhere else, and it’s right here.

To get an idea of what’s said, and why I feel it matters, here are some excerpts:

“We have been on the American terrorism list since… since they began the terrorism list. We were among the first to be included in the terrorism list. Some European countries also include us in their terrorism lists. The position of the international community is clear, and therefore, we are not surprised by the international community, and we have never pinned our hopes on it.” – Hassan Nasrallah

“Today, we would accept it if the Arab regimes – I am being very objective and realistic… We would accept it if they were neutral. That’s it. In the past, too, we accepted this from them. If you examine the rhetoric of Hizbullah… Maybe the rhetoric of our Palestinian brothers is different, and this is their right, because their circumstances are much harsher than ours. They always attack, accuse, and denounce the regimes and the rulers. This is not part of our rhetoric or writings. Why? Because we have forgotten about them.” – Hassan Nasrallah

“Once we used to ask the international community to denounce the hangman and to have mercy on the victim. Then we got to the point where we said we would accept it if they denounce the hangman and the victim alike. This has become what we could expect from them. If a resolution denounces both the hangman and the victim – fine. As for the Arab regimes – all we expect from them is to be neutral. And if they do not want to be neutral – brother, let them treat Israel and us equally. We would even accept it if they treat the hangman and the victim equally. But for them to participate in spilling the blood of the victim, and to provide cover for the crimes of the hangman – I tell you that we did not expect this.” – Hassan Nasrallah

They want to annihilate any motivation to conduct resistance in Lebanon, whether by Hizbullah or anyone else. They want to bring the country to a situation in which the word “resistance” is considered derogatory. Martyr, Jihad, wounded, steadfastness, challenge, liberation, freedom, power, honor, nobility, dignity – all these words must be removed from the vocabulary of the Lebanese, from the press, the political writings, from the political thinking, from the popular conscience. This is what Israel is doing.” – Hassan Nasrallah

I am convinced that even the sons, daughters, and wives of some Arab rulers are with us. But I say to the Arab rulers: I don’t want your swords or even your hearts. All I want is for you to leave us alone, as we say in colloquial Lebanese. In other words, remain neutral. We are fine with that. You’ve said what you said – you can relax now, thank you very much.” – Hassan Nasrallah

You might notice that the man speaks well, remarkably so if you compare him to a bumbling idiot like George Bush, or even to an obvious liar like Tony Blair. You might also consider that this was not a speech – this was an interview on Jazeera. He may well have been prepared, but the eloquence and irony are his own.

Go ahead, read the whole thing

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  1. Thank you for this resource!
    It’s a very insightful interview and I wouldn’t have found/sought it on my own.

  2. hi…take a look at sandmonkey and tell me what you think.

  3. I don’t really read other blogs. Barely have the time for it. On the other hand, I slightly recall stopping by ‘Sandmonkey’s blog once, reading in the intro that he was Pro-American or something like that, and deciding there’s no point wasting my time.

    With friends like these…

    Maybe I’m wrong, don’t know.

  4. you know something Omar, the problem with this guy is that he’s probably the most widely-read Egyptian blogger in North America and for many of them this line only strengthens their false conviction that their country’s “war on terror” is legitimate and that Israel has the right to defend itself. I’m not saying that a blogger single-handedly has the clout to sway public perception of any ME conflict, but considering that the vast majority of Americans a. don’t read much and b. those who do read are increasingly opting for online sources, it kills me that this is the sort of picture they’re getting. At best I think of SM as a twisted, self-serving bigot. Granted he does have the absolute right to express his opinion (this is the blessing and curse of push-button publishing) but when you know that someone like him (a 25-year-old investment banker) is aiding US think tanks in the region and working on setting up a pro “democracy” NGO (according to his bio) you just can’t help feeling uneasy, to put it mildly. I suppose it’s not fair to make so many assumptions about people but I guess being skeptical (perhaps a bit paranoid) is part of being a journalist.

    3ammatan…rubbena yehdee…
    keep blogging

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