Make Space For The Flintstones…

Once again demonstrating an incredible lack of perspective, the United States has claimed not an oil field, not a country, not even a continent, not even planet Earth, but outer space.

Why does that make me think of goldfish?

Ewoks should note this with interest, as should the citizens of Zenn-La, as should Klingons or any other space-faring civilization throughout the known universe. You’re all property of the Unites States of Americom.

Once again, the revered Americom president ‘W’ has gone forth boldly where no man had ever wanted to go before, and has signed a policy document unilaterally declaring that Americom has the (and the quotes here are understated…) ‘right‘ to deny access to space to anyone deemed ‘hostile‘ to Americom interests.

In effect; claiming Americom ownership of outer space.

Move over Spock.

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