This is just a quick refresher, since memory seems to be in short supply.

When the World Trade Center in New York went down, killing around 3,000 people – the reactions in Tehran, Iran were as follows:

The Iranians, over 1 million of them, were on the streets of Tehran, holding a candle-light vigil for the people who had died. Yes, that’s the 2nd time I say ‘people’, not ‘Americans’, because, really, that’s what they were. To most people, I think – that’s what they were…people; husbands, wives, sons and daughters.

Compare this with the footage of Mr. Bush, days afterwards, standing in the midst of the rubble.

Again, the smug look on the face, a man about to break into a smirk. A man who sees nothing but opportunity, a man high on the rising post-disaster approval ratings, a man who at the time this picture was taken, already had plans to attack both Afghanistan and Iraq. Meanwhile – how did the news media react? Consider this:

“And the towers keep falling. Every five minutes, there goes the tower again. I got on the phone, I called NBC. I’m listening to your newscast. How many times are you going to show those goddamn towers coming down? Don’t you have any respect for the people who have family and friend in those towers? Do we have to keep watching them fall down? I watched them fall down 50 times already. When are you going to stop? Please stop. You’re ripping my heart out.” – Father of one of the victims, from ‘Why We Fight‘.

Put it all together.