Just In Case You’re Crazy Enough To Still Be Using MS Internet Explorer…


Stop now.

If IE were a brand of condoms, the population of the planet would’ve doubled by now, easily – and if there’s one thing we don’t need more of it’s people…or virii.

It’s got more security holes than features so unless you’re getting paid by MS to test the damn thing out – get something else…and when I say get something else I don’t mean one of those bastard would-be-browsers like MyIE, etc…that are basically just a shell that renders using the IE engine – that gets you nowhere – get something that has its own engine.

I’ve been using Firefox for a while now, and it runs just fine; it’s got the tabbed browsing, it’s got the pop-up blocker, and there are tons of extensions available for it – and it has it’s own rendering engine – and is therefore immune to all the crap that’s just waiting for you to run IE in order to start climbing it’s way up your ass.

Anyway – click here to read more on this.

Oh, did I mention Firefox is open source?

Wonders, wonders…

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    I didn’t know you blogged mate. I’ve ‘known’ you for years – anarchist and what not. Never met you, and you probably don’t know diddly about me, but that’s not the point.

    The point? Oh, yes…

    Firefox is not immune. Nevermind that it’s rendering capabilities are as sound as my knitting skills. Check this out for more on Firefox vulnerabilities:


    Ok, so they aren’t as bad as Internet Explorer’s vulnerabilities:


    I hate IE. I also hate Firefox. I might be a manic depressive but I would like to one day be happy with me browser. Today is not that day. Both of ’em suck, Firefox just doesn’t cut it for me because it makes my job a living nightmare, acting all weird and stupid everytime it sees DIVs and SPANs.

    Just ma two cents.

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