TV this and TV that, you have no fucking clue.

It’s not about anything as petty as ‘hate’, it’s about manners.

You’re uncouth.

You come in, you ignore the doormat, you don’t wipe your shoes. You’re raiding the fridge, you’re rearranging the furniture. You’re trying to gain full and absolute control of the damn remote control.

You’re John Fuckin’ Wayne.

And in this world, you’re rapidly becoming an unwelcome guest.

It’s not about hate, it’s about manners.

You’re welcome here, as (and you’d better pay some damn attention…) a guest. As a guest, you’re more than welcome. Go ahead, come on over, spend some hard earned dosh, share some filthy jokes and dirty beers. We can all have a good time.

Do not rearrange the furniture, we like it just fine the way it is, thank you very much – and if and when we desire to relocate our dinning table, we’ll do just that. Do NOT go for that last Pepsi, unless you’re offered it. Do not tune in to the fucking superbowl, turn up the volume, and spill beer all over the sofa. Do NOT walk around the house brandishing a damn Magnum.

You’re John Wayne, and offstage, you’re just a strung-out oil junkie looking for some big stash.

Trade in your Uzi for a Kodak, and we just might ask you over.


Tsk, tsk…