‘Israel’ – The Might To Exist…

Now, just to settle this once and for all.

Every once in a while, as has happened just recently (see comments on my previous post), I get told that it is the ‘impractical’ Arabs that are at the root of the problem. That, as a recent commentator has said, if the Arabs still resisting Zionism were but to “recognize Israel’s right to exist” – then things could move on; progress could be achieved, the Middle East crisis would come to an end, and the Sun would rise in the East! The winds will once again smell of fresh blossoms, and the footprints of Jesus would shine bright throughout the Holy Land, cleansing it of millennia of bloodshed and imperial strife


For the record, I do not acknowledge “Israel”‘s right to exist. The claim is absurd, and even otherwise intelligent people have been taught to repeat it like a mantra. It just ain’t so.

This does not put me as far out on a limb as some of the mantra-repeaters might think, I recall speaking to an American Professor at the American University in Cairo, and likewise, his view was that any ‘right to exist’ in the region was for the Arabs to grant, if they had so wished. The Zionist invaders had no claim to a fiat legitimus per se…

The Zionist delusion has no historical legitimacy, it has no ontological claim to existence, and it certainly has no moral right to exist. The fact that something is does not auto-magically grant it the sanction of an ‘ought’ or a ‘should’. Children know better than to think that.

The simple fact is that the occupation known to Zionists throughout the world as ‘Israel’ – was built on nothing but an infrastructure of deception and outright lies – if you’d like some of the background on that feel free to peruse Roger Garaudy’s ‘The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics‘.

This shameful construction, this so-called ‘state’, described to my ears by at least one of its own citizens as ‘a cancer in the Middle East’ is likewise sustained, not by any legal, moral, or historical right, but by the sheer brutal application of military might.

The ‘state’ you know as ‘Israel’ has nothing but the might to exist.

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  1. hi dear
    awesome thught
    for us it wasn’t a problem the existaing of israel, its more clear than the sun.. our great problem becomes its inacceptable politics which move out of law freely and push us to saw all other universal leaders blinds..blinds..blinds..

    a strange phenomen ..
    visit us No-more-ignorance http://nomoreign.wordpress.com

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