Dear Iran & Iranians,

I have two words for you.

I know the United States is breathing down your neck, and I know they’re going to try to get the United Nations to stand by while they engage in even more illegal activities – and it’s going to do all this because it is counting on you to deny that you are developing nuclear weapons – the denial of course, will in the US’s eye – amount to an admission of possession. Yes, that’s the way it goes – and then, of course – you’ll be stuck in the position Iraq was stuck in – that of having to prove a negative.

I have a way out. It’s easy, it’s simple, and you can put it into action tomorrow morning. In the words of Dennis Leary – “I have two words for you…” –

Strategic Ambiguity.

Yup. Israel has been doing it for years.

I know. Yes. I’m brilliant.

No, but really – it’s obvious – isn’t it? Israel has been getting away with it for years. They don’t claim not to have nuclear weapons – so there’s no claim to disprove.

Stupid? Yes. Insipid? Certainly. Effective? Absolutely.

I’m sure any Iranians, and in fact, any reasonably sane people reading this can immediately see the benefits of aping Israel on this particular count; the US would have to deal with a country that is claiming ‘strategic ambiguity’ and if it calls that a bad thing – well, then – what about Israel?

G’wan. Do it.

I want to hear that on the news tomorrow:

“Iran declares ‘Strategic Ambiguity’ regarding it’s nuclear technology. ”

Ah, yes.

Do it.